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Little Me
Posted By SLK on Tuesday, June 22, 2010   { 0 Comment(s) }
I am a great lover of Evian and for me no other water can ever taste the same. It’s a joke in my house but I don’t really care. Evian is Evian and it rocks! I am down to the last bottle today (time to place new order) and Little Kit decides that its time to drink water from my room and my beloved bottle. I do love Kit to bits it is my last half bottle and there is a decent half day left for me to make it last!

Me: (Noticing that she is almost on the brink of finishing all of it)“Can I have some of it?”

Kit: “Sure” (She does talk like an adult, doesn’t she? Sometimes she'll even add Baby after that!)

Kit hands me the bottle and then sits and waits on that little chair of hers in front of me (a few steps away). I drink a decent amount (thinking I’m not going to get anymore) and then hand the bottle to her sitting down. As she is sitting, she cannot hold the bottle without either of us getting up to pass the bottle around. She surprises me by saying:

Kit: “Do you have any legs? Do they work?”

Without waiting for an answer, she continues…”Then get up and give it to me…come on”

I sit there spell bounded. She says this in a nice and gentle way and not in a mean way. The funny or the scary part is that she sounds JUST LIKE ME (except that she doesn’t sound mean like I must do!) This is exactly what I told Kat the other day when I was getting her used to keeping her bowls in the kitchen sink after she had finished eating fruit etc. WOW! This is how they copy and so quick!! I am amazed – she has used just the right words, right tone, everything – such fast processing! Have to watch what I say next…

Little Me

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