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I have a choice?
Posted By SLK on Tuesday, June 29, 2010   { 0 Comment(s) }
Its breakfast time! Unless, its rush hour for school time, it’s generally pretty cool for Kit Kat. Kat plays piano, Kit does the lego while I prepare breakfast and my tea. If all goes wrong, Kit Kat fight bitterly over who will play piano first and I end up without tea till the babysitter comes about an hour later!

Today is a good day (too early!)– I give Kat her bagel and cream cheese on a plastic zoo animal plate and Kit hers on a princess one. I forget that Kat is not a 3 yo anymore but 10! She has never complained once about the characters on her plate to this day and I must admit I have been using the same plates from so many years now…

I have a choice?

Today Kat casually remarks – “Mummy, next time, can you please buy me a plain plastic plate. I don’t really want any characters.” Finally it drives the point home and I feel terribly guilty.

Me: “Of course! In fact, you can eat in a proper adult breakable plate if you want” pointing to the ones Papa and I eat in (Something I should have done few years ago actually)

Kat (surprised): “Really! I have a choice?”
The way she said this made us both laugh so much. She does have a great sense of humour and she knows when to use it. While we both were laughing, Kit wiped her plate clean and was ready for her round of fruit and more…

…Just when I thought Kat was worthy of the ‘adult’ plate, she turned to Kit and said:

“See, mummy loves me more than you. I’m getting the adult plate” She says this in a nasal teasing voice which drives both Kit and me mad!

Perfect example of good day turning bad - I have just recovered after separating Kit Kat – their fights can take unusual turns where age has little meaning!

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