Kit for Kat!

The 19th Wife and Weight Watchers!
Posted By SLK on Thursday, July 1, 2010   { 0 Comment(s) }
Right...its morning time and again Kit decides to break the beauty of a peaceful hour of work in the morning for me before breakfast. She wakes up before Kat and is now seated beside me (this time she has placed the little chair in a funny position so that she is actually sitting on its back - maybe she is getting too big for it now?)

Kit has developed a new found love for my books - she decides to read for me - so she has picked up the most unusual book - The 19th Wife - story of a secretive polygamous Mormon sect and murder and she is reading about a boy going to school from it - its actually quite funny! Inbetween sentences she confirms if I like it and I nod like a robot so I can carry on with my work...

Then she picks up my Weight Watchers books and starts reading from them as those ones she loves with their colourful pictures and all. After a while she announces "Mummy, your books are boring, you don't have good books" and she says this with her nose all scrunched up as if disapproving my taste altogether!

She's off now to wake up Kat...time to wrap up was good while it lasted!

 The 19th Wife and Weight Watchers

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