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Mission accomplished
Posted By SLK on Wednesday, July 7, 2010   { 1 Comment(s) }
Its morning time again…Kat is getting ready to go to camp (not really actually as rankings at camp not going too well and her wrist is hurting too – why do I hate such mornings?) Kit has literally transferred her entire bedroom full of toys into mine and is now seated on my bed (which was done a minute ago and is now undone again) with her teddy bears and dolls and is reading out of my novels (again!) and asking me every now and then what the words mean…

Now, Kat's Tennis camp has a door to door bus service (what a blessing!) but for the last 10 days or so, the driver has been arriving at our ‘door’ before us and I should be happy but I’m not. Both Kat and I like to arrive before the bus so we get our little talk time before the goodbyes but this big but sweet driver seems to coming earlier and earlier every day so no matter how much we plan ourselves, we’re always late! Yesterday, when inspite of everything we were still late and Kat saw the obvious disappointment on my face, she promised she would spend less time in the bathroom today…

This morning both of us were on a MISSION. We had to do it. In between quick breakfast and quick everything (even Kit sensed the urgency it seems – she left us alone for a decent record time!) I even got a compliment from Kat – I decided to wear an old short skirt and T-shirt today (38° C/100° F) and Kat said I looked smart (Wow! this translates into stunning I think!! – Weight Watchers – are you there??)
Anyhow, I put her sun block while she did her hair and I put socks on her while she put her shoes – she pressed the elevator with her bag hanging off her shoulders while I unloaded myself out of the house with her racquet and Crash! Bang! Slam! Boom! we were out…Finally we made it to the lobby without any interruptions en route… and hey WE DID IT!!

I did a little victory dance with Kat and we sat outside for a few moments before the bus wheeled in and Kat made me promise not to say anything to the driver or kiss her in front of her bus mates (Wonder why?!!)

1 Comment(s) to 'Mission accomplished'

Clare,  London,  Friday, July 9, 2010
My second baby is due in couple of weeks. It is good timing because my older boy school is closed for summer. Those last minute things just before leaving home has always been a challenge for us and now with second on her way ....lot needs to be changed around . It's not only children who grow. Parents do too!!

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