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Pain in the neck
Posted By SLK on Friday, July 9, 2010   { 1 Comment(s) }
Not that I am particularly keen on housework (especially during weekdays and definitely not close to Friday!) but I somehow managed to sprain my neck yesterday. When I mentioned this to Kit Kat last evening, I was given the ultimate massage therapy – Kit got me 3 of her doll blankets. She made me lie down on the sofa (actually she threw me down!) and then my neck was covered in one blanket, torso in one and the legs in another (were the blankets small or mummy huge?) After that my neck was massaged with tiny fingertips like fluttering butterflies…mixed with occasional kisses. I was even offered a book for a pillow – perfect!

Later, Kat offered to rub an ointment for me and I casually remarked “Thanks Kat but medicine is too strong. Papa can do it for me when he comes back home.”

Both Kat and I knew I was referring to the smell (like you walk down the street and everyone knows you have it on!) but Kit being Kit said: “I can do it! You mean it’s strong, very heavy? I can do it for you mummy.”

When Kat and I couldn’t control our giggles at Kit’s innocence, she too joined in…happy to have made us happy!

1 Comment(s) to 'Pain in the neck'

Naomi Richards,  London,  Friday, July 9, 2010
How cute is that. I wish my boys would after me like this when I feel like this - is it a boy thing?

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