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Puny is in
Posted By SLK on Monday, July 12, 2010   { 0 Comment(s) }
Kit Kat’s much awaited favourite cousin is finally here! He’s 13 yrs old and so far (since yesterday!) the kids have been adorable together although Kit has double (triple) confirmed her age as if confused why she’s only 3 yrs old yet when everybody else seems to getting older faster? Maybe it is this mature interaction that has led to a new word since she has got up this morning – “Puny”

Everything I am showing her is getting this ultimate compliment! Everything is puny.

When I showed her the pretty dresses that her Aunt had sent – her dramatic response (with her hands clasped and eyes wide) was – “Mummy these are puny!” When she saw my confusion, she interpreted that as ignorance and defined puny as skinny and pretty…wow! When I then showed her the books we had bought from last evening – again the same comment – Puny!...same with some other stuff.

Now I’m really looking forward to asking her the one ultimate question after a few moments…Kit how does mummy look? Fingers crossed for hmmm...puny…pretty and skinny?!!

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