Kit for Kat!

When Kat met dog...
Posted By SLK on Wednesday, July 14, 2010   { 0 Comment(s) }
It swells my heart with pride when I see Kat stroke any dog now. For someone on the outside, it may seem like the most obvious and the most natural thing but for her it’s been a struggle and she’s come through it – victorious. She’s finally achieved what seemed impossible a few months ago – Well done Kat! We’re so proud of you!

All kids are born fearless – the best age of all! Then creep in the insecurities where we as parents play a pivotal role I think and this is where the dog fear came in – I have this innate fear of four legged animals and they seem to sense it no matter how far they are! They are drawn to me instantly and maybe I behave strange because of this?

Kat must have sensed and picked this one from me (obviously!) to the point where she would not go near any animal (let alone touch it). She was terrified of them…but then came the huge problem…FRIENDS! You never want to be embarrassed in front of your friends, do you? So Kat decided one day (she gets this determination from me I like to think) that this was it – after sessions from her psychologist on overcoming fear (the fear was that bad!) and many nights with both of us talking about it before going to bed, Kat has done it! When she sees a pet dog on the street with someone, she goes up on her own and pats/strokes the dog (very confidently) and sometimes the dog does look fierce and I have to force myself to stay put on the ground and stop myself from shaking so violently!

Nothing makes you prouder than the achievements of your children…

As for Kit, she will easily copy what Kat does. When Kat was scared of dogs, so was Kit. Now that Kat is not, Kit will readily put her hand in a cub’s mouth! Kit for Kat!
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