Kit for Kat!

Sisterly Love
Posted By SLK on Thursday, July 22, 2010   { 0 Comment(s) }
Kit has become very naughty on this cruise. Maybe it is the lack of fresh air and open spaces or maybe it is just time to go home! She is getting away with it to some extent because I don’t want to start some kind of regime on the ship…so here we are with Kat and cousin anyway always up to some tricks of their own and now Kit contributing her own dose of antics from time to time. Let’s get this ship home quickly!!

In all this drama, Kat has devised a very clever way of getting her work done from Kit. Whenever she needs anything done from little Kit, she will bat her eyelids and say: “Kit honey, will you do this for me?”

Now, no matter how naughty Kit’s been all day, when Kat says this to her in her characteristic sugary tone (which only she can use), Kit will do anything for her. Kat will very rarely use this to get any of our work done but will get all her jobs done from Kit this way and Kit will oblige happily and obediently!

Sisterly love…comes handy once in a while!

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