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Jump rope Stunt
Posted By SLK on Wednesday, July 28, 2010   { 0 Comment(s) }
After kissing some/any available part of Papa’s face in the morning (he’s in such a rush – tilting the Starbucks mug to pick the newspaper or leaving it altogether, taking the spare house keys when he shouldn’t, fighting with the main door unnecessarily!) I finally land on my office chair, slave to my desktop for the next several hours…and guess who wakes up at 6:45am to give me company? KIT!! No matter what time I put her to sleep she’s nice and early to start her day. No caffeine needed – fully recharged after sleep – just like that!
Jump rope stunt with Step Stool
After several unsuccessful attempts at getting my attention, she decides to go back to her room. I keep the video monitor on (it’s comforting that way but now that she’s out of range it is beginning to worry me!)

Kit comes running to me finally (panting): “I need a jump rope.”

Me: “Why?”

Kit: “So I can practice jumping”

When you are on the phone, you are really not in the mood to get into an argument with a 3.5 yr old that 7:30am is not the best time to practice jumping with a jump rope and definitely not inside a house! So I give in and this is what I see when I go to the cupboard to get the jump rope…

The step stool which is kept in the kitchen has been carried all the way to the storage cupboard and Kit has tried to stand on it and has even used her Tinker Bell brolly (usually hanging in this cupboard, now lying alongside the box at the top!) to bring the box with the jump rope forward. Maybe her aim was to somehow get the box down? And then what? Have it land on her head? This box at the top is quite heavy – thank God for little mercies!

Jump rope is down, step stool back in kitchen and Kit can be seen jumping in the video monitor. Phew! I’m left wondering if I should just forget about it all and drink that Baileys we have chilled in the fridge – it did say ‘With a hint of coffee’ on the bottle…I do feel I need a different sort of caffeine this morning!

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