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A new version of Windows
Posted By SLK on Wednesday, August 11, 2010   { 0 Comment(s) }
Kit is on a windowsill decoration spree for her room since 7:00am this morning. Sounds good? RIGHT! The only problem is that all the decorations are being smuggled from my room...gone are the little somethings I shared with Papa...can’t see my Mickey Minnie anniversary ornament...or my Horny Devil cushion that I gifted Papa a decade ago...or the little knick knacks that my eyes are used to in general but my mind is forgetting at this moment and of course – my 3 Weight Watcher books are MISSING! Kit has a huge obsession with those – is it the size of those books or what? What makes them so appealing? The fact that they seem inseparable to me?

Like a little squirrel, scurrying away with my things one by one, carrying more than her little hands can carry…eyes darting from side to side making sure that I’m not watching her, Kit has slowly transferred majority of my room into hers or so it seems…

Now that she is content with all the treasures, this is what a visit to the decorated windowsill reveals...all my stuff against a backdrop of (Yes, you guessed it!) my WW BOOKS! (Where IS the appeal in those?)

A new version of Windows

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