Kit for Kat!

Who's at the door? Come on, quick!
Posted By SLK on Friday, August 13, 2010   { 0 Comment(s) }
Maybe Kit has some canine association from previous lives or is it some extra sensory perception (ESP) gained in this life, this form - whatever it is but she is the one whose ears will pick the sounds of the doorbell even before your hands pass the signal to the brain and reach out to push it (it seems)!

Kat on the other hand gets so engrossed with her books or movie or whatever she is doing (she actually starts smiling and nodding with a character in the film – a habit she’s picked from Papa!) that she needs to be reminded (with eye contact) to keep her EARS OPEN for the doorbell.

Kit will drop whatever she is doing when she hears the bell ring. Its like a challenge to her to get to the door first (not that Kat is even bothered!) She needs to be reminded to slow down but she will not – the doorbell is ringing and door is to be opened.

This passion is great – the only problem being that if anyone else opens the door, she gets VERY upset. Sometimes very emotional too!

If Kat happens to open the door to Papa, he has to go out again, ring the doorbell, this time Kit opens, he acts surprised and all is fine again... Sometimes, when his reaction is not natural enough, he has to make the grand entry a couple of times...till Kit is satisfied that she's not been tricked (?) otherwise she will complain that Kat thinks that she is not cool (and this really upsets Kit who has absolutely no clue what the reference to cool is except that Kat says it in a certain way which doesn't feel right to Kit!)

Oh dear!I surely lose all my patience by dinnertime!!

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