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Today's Wish...A Baby?
Posted By SLK on Tuesday, August 17, 2010   { 0 Comment(s) }
Kit’s best friend has a baby sister and she’s just come back from a play date with her. All I’ve heard for the last 15 minutes is non-stop oohs and aahs about the little, tiny baby and how cute she is. (Kit’s also had a new baby girl cousin recently so conversations have been dominated with baby talk and baby pictures etc.)

Kit (with a puzzled look on her face): “Mummy, I don’t remember you from when you were a baby?”

Me: “That’s ok. I remember you from when you were a baby.”

Kit: “I was born when Papa was born”. She believes that. (She also believes that I am Papa’s mum!)

In our house, Kit is the expert wisher. She will always WISH. Sometimes she will wish that her toys or her dolls could fly or sometimes she will wish that all of Kat’s things could be hers (not a bad one!) or sometimes just a blanket wish to cover everything – “I wish all my dreams could come true”. However, today’s wish is different – today she is upset with me because she wishes I could “born a baby” on her birthday (by November?!)

When Kat was alone and younger, she used to pray for a sibling at bath time as that was her ‘time alone with God’ – and then we had Kit (of course she thought then that her prayers had been answered!)

Kit is really upset with me – she is so angry – she wants a baby NOW – how on earth is that going to happen? She is pouting in one corner. Only a creative meal with chicken can be a distraction for her now...

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