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Posted By SLK on Monday, October 4, 2010   { 4 Comment(s) }
Destiny Dolls having a party Every few days, Destiny comes to our room…yes, that’s what Kit calls it. She will practically bring her entire room into ours and for the next few days we are assigned to our Destiny! This includes dolls from her collection, together with various outfits and shoes (and night dresses) to match, loads of soft toys and various sizes of sleeping equipment for each odd sized doll and of course, play food for different meals of the day…its very interesting to see Kit buzzing around from one room to the other getting things ready. Some weekends our Destiny may also include pieces of paper with scribbles on it (apparently some menus) or some heart warming pictures or just plain paper with colour pencils lying alongside.

Doll Shoes When she was setting it all up –

Me: “Kit, what is all this mess? Can you please move it to your room now?”

Kit: “No, but I cannot. This is yours and Papa’s Destiny!”

Now, can someone argue with that??

Other doll friendsAfter 3-4 days, Kit moves all the Destiny things back to her room…our room looks very spacious but I do miss looking after all the dolls and the occasional scolding from Kit about not looking after our Destiny!

Kit’s real name is not Kit and it’s not Destiny either but she (along with Kat) is truly such a significant part of ours!

4 Comment(s) to 'Destiny'

Penny,  Uk,  Thursday, October 7, 2010
It's lovely to see pictures of kids attempts at organizing their little versions of the world. So sweet, even if it does mean sharing it with your space. I sympathize, I am always trying to encourage toys to stay out of our room, at least one room in the house must be sacred. Fighting a losing battle! But I find Miss L's setting of her doll's house table unbelievably sweet and Mr G's bear nappy changes hilarious.
Good luck!
SLK,  House of Kit Kat,  Thursday, October 7, 2010
This stage is so short lived, they look adorable and their antics so funny - we try to keep toys out of the living room though - at the end of the day I walk through the main rooms, picking up dolly stuff from unbelievable places...!!
What Did She Say?,  UK,  Sunday, October 10, 2010
You just don't get the same with boys. Trucks bashed on your head though, although that was a few years ago..
Thanks for visiting!
SLK,  House of Kit Kat,  Monday, October 11, 2010
lol :-) everytime we have guests who have boys and we tell them its ok our house is child proof - they give us this 'worried' look and say "Is it boy proofed yet"? It MUST be something with boys...I do get bashed with dolls and lego pieces though!

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