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What's with MY ear, I ask?
Posted By SLK on Friday, October 15, 2010   { 4 Comment(s) }
Sweet Dreams Baby Every baby has their unique way of drifting to sleep. Some listen to lullabies, some are rocked to sleep, some sleep while drinking milk or sucking their thumb and some babies will just sleep. My new niece is amazing I’ve heard – she belongs to the Just Like That category and is difficult to keep awake. Bliss!

By the way, my girls have never been great sleepers as babies. I learnt one thing though - whether your baby sleeps in excess or not, you will always get abundance of advice which makes you question your baby raising skills (after just having got over the questions over baby bearing ones!) All said and done, Kit Kat have finally discovered the pleasures of peaceful sleep (sleep and let sleep!).

Coming back to ways of drifting to sleep - As a baby, Kat had this strangest habit of rubbing my skin before going to bed. This skin could be my hand, my arm, my anything! This rubbing would go on all the while I was reading books to Kat till the time she fell asleep! Sometimes, if I was sitting next to her and she was drowsy, she would pick my arm and start rubbing her tiny fingers over my hand. This rubbing matured into Kat sucking her own thumb and then eventually a soft toy in bed (still does - Oh! I mean the toy, not the thumb!!)

Now here comes the most funny candidate for sleeping aids: KIT! When she was a baby, she developed this sweet habit of sucking my finger to sleep...So sweet, I hear you say. Ok, agreed but that sweetness looks sweet and adorable only till your baby is really an infant – it starts to look weird once your baby get older. Kat loved my finger SO MUCH that she would just not let go...she started developing preferences for fingers (!) I thought this was our future and was finding ways to reconcile with it when she (literally overnight) decided to switch to sucking her own thumb – what a RELIEF!

Thumb sucking goes on full swing when Kit is tired and sleepy but the minute she lies in bed, she needs my EAR – yes, MY EAR and she pulls it in every possible direction! She says I have the softest ears in the world (is that a crime?) and she has to feel them. What do my girls have with feeling me, I fail to understand. Again, Papa’s ear is not acceptable and nor is anybody else’s – ONLY MINE! Kit is very specific – it has to be the ear lobe only as that is the softest part – when she goes back and forth rubbing against my studs, I am worried that my ears will now start hanging like the rest of my body (Oh dear!)

So what if Dumbo had magic ears, I have the softest ears in the world… She’s just still a child I tell myself – it is only LOVE!

4 Comment(s) to 'What's with MY ear, I ask?'

Adele,  UK,  Saturday, October 16, 2010
What a lovely post! They clearly have a strong and loving bond with you. My little ones aways had dummies as i always felt they were easier to take away. . . Until they both found another comforter P had a cuddley dog (aka road kill due to its look after a while) and j has a blue selection of little blankies from tesco (he always hums his self to sleep too). x
SLK,  House of Kit Kat,  Monday, October 18, 2010
Thanks Adele :-)

I must have tried all sorts of dummies once the 'sweet' finger phase was over but they never worked for Kit...had to be mine always. Hopefully she will 'outgrow' the ear too!
Anna,  Oxford,  Thursday, October 21, 2010
haha - wish my ears had such magical properties - then maybe I and my little one could get some sleep!!
SLK,  House of Kit Kat,  Thursday, October 21, 2010
Anna, you never know...till your 'parts' get discovered!! You may actually have a magical organ hidden somewhere...waiting to be 'felt'!!

Good luck with the sleep :-)

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