Kit for Kat!

Archives: March 2016

Posted By SLK on Thursday, March 3, 2016
When I look at Kit, I often ask myself – “Was I ever so excited about school?” I mean, this girl is super excited about homework and school – this is the reason she gets up easily in the morning! When they say that no two children are alike, it REALLY is true – Kat is always anxious and nervous about going to school after a long break and is unable to sleep the night before (as it happened after Spring Break) whereas Kit cannot wait for the morning to arrive!

Kit is excited even after she gets off the bus in the afternoon as there is always something interesting that happened in school! So, it was no surprise when she came home yesterday and showed me Robots at Recess signup sheet. Apparently, their school will be having a Robotics class for their grade, once every week for six weeks in the recess and the program will accept only the first 12 entries. Kit was very concerned as her bus reaches late and she was never going to make the first 12! She loves Robotics and was worried about missing the opportunity. She seems to be a step ahead of me always so before I could suggest anything, she asked me if I could scan her signup sheet and email to the teacher. Yeah, well, even I was thinking that, but a tad too late : ) She even thought she should write a personal note to the teacher to convey her eagerness. She then sat at her desk patiently for the next half hour and wrote a note to her teacher which I absolutely fell in love with. I had to share it.


The pages were scanned and the teachers agreed with Kit’s reasons to be given a chance (!) – rules were changed and they decided to include children at random as it was not fair to offer to first 12 only. I think Kit stands a good chance now!!!