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Posted By SLK on Tuesday, August 31, 2010
Each night, Kit and I spend at least 5 minutes negotiating number of books for bedtime reading. She has become very clever – she starts with 10 and settles for somewhere around 7-8 on most days. Some days, when I am adamant or just not in the mood, she will become mini Me and say “7 or 20?” which is a direct lift off from my “3 or zero?” threat that I use on her occasionally when things get out of hand.

When we finally do agree on the number of books, we spend the next half hour or so snuggled up in bed reading them – and this is the time when Kit is allowed to suck her thumb and she uses her freedom to the full. Along with this comes the newly acquired habit of feeling my ear with the other finger and the even more recent habit of alternating hands so you can imagine how wet and sticky my ears are at the end of all this. Thumb on hand 1 goes in the mouth, hand 2 feels my ear - after a few seconds hand 1 with wet thumb feels my ear and dry hand 2 thumb goes in mouth and so on...

(We are reading a book from the library called ‘Is your mama a Llama?’ nowadays. I love this book myself and we read this almost every day. There is a kangaroo called Rhonda in this and Kit loves the sound of this name and wants us to call her that from now on and for the last few days she was actually upset when every night she would remember that we forgot to call her Rhonda during the day! )

Anyhow, once the books are read and the lights are out, Kit is happy for me to leave the room as long as she can feel my ears one last time, pee again and drink water (in that order)! One last hug and kiss and I’m out – monitor on and Kit is generally good for the next 10 hours.

Kit Kat personalised chairs with books

THEN I enter Kat’s room and find her sitting quietly with a book in her favourite chair (both girls have identical chairs). Although there is no negotiating books, there is ALWAYS negotiating bedtime. Whatever bedtime we agree on, Kat always wants 5 minutes more! Then comes the ‘forever brush (both tooth and hair) time’ – I could cook an entire dinner for a family of 10 in that time it seems...Kat can never go to sleep without watering her plants (some new app on her iPhone using which she continues to send virtual bouquets to her friends/family) so an additional 5 minutes are spent watering (!) some virtual plants while I look over them, thinking they do look cute (no wonder Kit wanted to do the same when Kit Kat had an argument this morning!) FINALLY, Kat is ready for bed – takes off her glasses – prepares a mount of books at her bedside for morning time read (a summer break luxury only for a few more days) and snuggles into bed in the right position (with the hair intact etc). Lights out in this room now…I stagger out picking up dropped clothes on the way and make it to my room now where Papa by this time is deep into Financial Times.

Once in my room, I pick up some more dropped clothes (now I know where Kat gets her these genes from!) and hop on the bed (literally – this one is exceptionally high for no reason) and hear the familiar clicking in my knee (Oh God, am I now getting old after having just 2 kids?) and after some one-sided conversation with Papa or (if I’m lucky) some monosyllables back, I go to bed with my e-reader which then takes ages to load because most days I am too busy to remember to charge it/sync it and now its too much hard work to bother – so I just cuddle up and finally go to bed. Night-night...

Care for some tea?
Posted By SLK on Friday, August 27, 2010
Arrived! The most beautiful porcelain tea set Kit Kat have ever owned. We gifted one to Kat a couple of years ago but it was tiny and now that the girls want to have real tea parties, they wanted to have slightly bigger tea cups. The one Kat owned was kindly passed over to Kit who broke almost all of it on the first day (probably in the excitement of actually having something so close to real!) that now only the tea service basket remains... Kat even went to the extent of asking if she could borrow my Wedgewood which threw me off a bit so I immediately went online and got them their own (if Kat wants to do something, she will get around to doing it eventually and I LOVE my Wedgewood to this day)

I was surprised (yet again!) at how clever Kit has become at picking things online – she knows just how to dart her eyes in the right directions till she’s found what she needs in the least amount of time and she will point her sticky little fingers and touch the screen gleefully with “Can I have that one, pleeeeese?”.

And yet again, I was surprised at the collection Amazon has and tried my best to stick to the Super Saver options but the girls don’t understand, do they? They had to choose a different seller whose tea service looked (in my opinion, wee bit) smarter (shipping dearer of course) and Kat is now that age where she reads all (literally ALL) user comments before making a purchase online SO after much frustration, occasional nodding off (me, who else here is suffering from lack of sleep?), thumb sucking (when Kit got tired of Kat reading everything, we ordered a tea set and I just hoped that it would be the right size as sending a tea set back is not my cup of tea (no pun intended!)

Tea Service for Two

It arrived yesterday and it was a beauty – the girls had their first grown up tea party yesterday with hot chocolate in the teapot, cold milk in the milk pot and sugar where it should be...this one actually has 2 serving plates which were decorated with fresh sandwiches, choc chip cookies and a slice of cake (compliments me) – the girls had a hearty tea with some vague background music playing from Kat's iTunes in her room followed by Kat playing Piano while Kit sang ‘Part of my World’ from The Little of those rare sisterly evenings which last for over 5 minutes!

The insatiable yearning...for long tresses
Posted By SLK on Thursday, August 26, 2010
HAIR!!! Maybe when I was Kat’s age, I WAS so obsessed with it? 100% has to be my genes, this one – every single morning when she comes into my room to wish me (due to the summer break schedule), the first thing I notice is the beautifully brushed hair and lip gloss (and this is before brushing teeth). At bedtime, she wants to sleep in a correct position so that her hair is not spoilt in the morning – of course, once she sleeps, it’s a different story!

 Hair must be perfect all daysThe pool in our building closes at 11am and Kat goes for a swim everyday (much against her wishes sometimes) during the summer break. The other day she was getting terribly late for the pool and after much agitation, grumbling and everything included I managed to send her down at 10:30am so she could have at least half hour swim – imagine my bewilderment, my shock when she came back 5 minutes later saying she had forgotten her swim hat and could not jump into the pool without one as it would spoil her hair! HAIR?!

To aggravate an already delicate (at times, hilarious) situation, Kat is now obsessed with LONG hair. She stretches and pulls her hair down from under her ears every night (Kit might do a better job I say) hoping they will grow faster...I still prefer the short style – so easy to maintain, no fuss at all...but that’s me and I cannot impose my wishes on Kat and whenever I have tried, it has never worked :-(

Kat’s hair is not so straight like Pocahontas so we do have the occasional waves and layers to worry about which can be nuisance for anyone desperate for quick long hair (Can you imagine, she even suggested hair extensions once but judging from my glare and high pitched reaction, she immediately said it was a joke! Phew!), so I am not looking forward to school mornings when everything and I mean EVERYTHING needs to run smoothly, especially now that Kit needs to be ready for school too. (Oh! What an adventure this is going to turn out...)

Kit, who was always a great candidate for short hair – who would slide easily in her Dora car and get a haircut while clapping her hands watching Dora or Max and Ruby is now adamant about long hair too! There was a time (not so long ago) when all 3 of us had identical French Bobs - then Kat left us to pursue her long hair dream and now Kit is abandoning me. On the brighter side, looking at the growing number of greys in mine and Papa’s hair, I could certainly use these ‘hair savings’ towards covering those, don’t you think :-)

Best friends forever? Uh-oh! Not so sure...
Posted By SLK on Wednesday, August 25, 2010
 Best friends forever

Kit has a best friend – of course her friends change ever so often and most of them are the ‘best’ anyway BUT still this friend is really Kit’s bestest friend so far. They play nicely together in the playroom, by the poolside and even go to the shops and parks together with their respective babysitters for little picnics etc.

Kit had a wonderful time at this best friend’s house a few days ago (and has since had this Can I have a baby girl or baby brother? mantra) so it was logical for me to invite her friend over to our house for a play date, right? WRONG!! It was the biggest mistake of this week at least! The other sin I committed was that I was not around for the play date. I had to run an urgent errand and as this was her BEST friend coming over, I assumed all would be fine considering there was Kat and 2 other babysitters around.

Imagine my surprise when I came home after the play date only to be told by Kat that all Kit did for the entire torturous 2 hours was cry and not share a single toy – my darling little girl who is adored by everyone around her and is the epitome of niceness and manners, who is usually such a matter of pride for me, turned into someone unpredictable just like that? Apparently, she just sat there bawling every time her friend touched any one of her toys/dolls. I believe Kit softened a little bit towards the end but wonder what went wrong? She’s had play dates before but nothing as fierce as this! (I believe in the end her friend ended up playing with Kat so I guess we did have one successful play date combo in the end)

When I questioned Kit, she said: “Why do I have to play what my friend wants? Those were my toys”. I think it was an ownership issue at that point but surprisingly Kit Kat share things between them (both happily and otherwise). When I explained why it was wrong to behave like that with her friend and that mummy was wrong too in having left her alone, Kit said: “That’s why I was like that, because you were not here.” (Imagine – now the fault was entirely mine!)

After a lot of comfort thumb sucking, hugs and kisses later, Kit promised to behave well next time (if her friend still wants to come over!) and was off to meet her FRIEND again in the playroom...what I gathered from the conversation between the babysitters, Kit's friend was eager to see her too!! Wonder what goes on in their little heads?

Back to School
Posted By SLK on Monday, August 23, 2010
Loaded backpacks, lights out by 8:30pm, hopping from one after-school activity to the other – YES, the summer vacation will finally end in 2 weeks and YES, in spite of the exceptionally long break, I will miss having the girls home with me...I will miss the constant arguments, the ‘not so occasional’ kicking and punching (between Kit and Kat, of course!), the slamming of doors on each others' faces (they have been told so many times!), the never ending rounds of food being served all day long with the equally long (Kat *yawns*) stories of Ariel at the dinner table over and over again for Kit…YES I will miss all this when the girls go back to school.

This is also Kit’s first year (full time) at school so it’s an exciting year ahead for her and me...she’s excited about her new pencil case, her new friends, teachers...she feels she is one step closer to being Kat now... She chose her backpack online (along with Kat) yesterday. In fact, a task that both Kat and I thought would take just a couple of seconds took about half an hour! Kit could simply not decide – she has become so computer savvy, she moved the mouse with such ease to scroll up and down the screen that it took her ages to decide while Kat and I wondered where all this power had come from! Kat and I had preselected one backpack for her but Kit is so strong-headed, she selected the one that SHE wanted and in the end that is what I bought for her. Of course this upset Kat because she wanted Kit to have that one but Kit wanted this one (I’m just plain happy that Kit agreed not to have the rolling backpack and agreed on the preschool size – Imagine!!)

After much bickering, the girls are (finally) now looking forward to their personalised backpacks and I am wondering, maybe it is a great thing that they are going back to school and a week into school I will probably wonder how was I ever surviving with them both with me 24/7?

Back to school