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Snow Day
Posted By SLK on Wednesday, January 12, 2011
Snow Day 8-12 inches of snow…another snow day for the girls...NO SCHOOL!! We got the automated message from school last night so I went to bed little relaxed – no early morning rush – I even put extra sheets behind Kit’s headboard to block any signs of daybreak so as to get her into thinking it was still night... Did it work? NO!!

Just when I sat down to check my emails at 6:15am (thinking I can actually drink my tea hot for a change) Kit comes into the room with a “BOO” behind me!

Me: “Already? You are awake already? This is even earlier than normal school days!”

Kit: “I am really cold...” but in fact she is so active (Oh dear)

Me: “You HAVE to go back to bed. Even Kat is sleeping. Its night time” (Alright I lied)

I go back to her room and tuck her in and come back thinking maybe that will work (eyes on the room monitor now instead of screen – what a life!)

After a few minutes I hear “Can you sleep with me?” – This has become such a problem since Kit learnt to talk perhaps? Everyone loves their children to sleep with them once in a while but you let them do it once and they want it when you don’t! I think its time for Kit to wake up now and its only 6:30am – on school days, she’s sometimes difficult to wake up at 6:45am – now we did well, didn’t we?

Last night was classic: when the school announced the closure Kit was almost asleep and I told her: “Your school is closed tomorrow”

Kit looked at me with half closed eyes, sucking thumb, pulling her ear (like she does when she is declined mine) barely able to speak: “Not Kat’s?”

Even in that half asleep state, all she cares about is if Kat is going to go to school or not??!!

Pancakes Its 8am now and since then Kit has woken up Kat prematurely, had a few bouts of crying when she refused to play with her, has generally moaned about not having any fun thing to play with...WHEN WILL THIS SNOW DAY END?

Pancakes with fresh strawberries and maple syrup coming up...that should keep them busy for a while!

What's with MY ear, I ask?
Posted By SLK on Friday, October 15, 2010
Sweet Dreams Baby Every baby has their unique way of drifting to sleep. Some listen to lullabies, some are rocked to sleep, some sleep while drinking milk or sucking their thumb and some babies will just sleep. My new niece is amazing I’ve heard – she belongs to the Just Like That category and is difficult to keep awake. Bliss!

By the way, my girls have never been great sleepers as babies. I learnt one thing though - whether your baby sleeps in excess or not, you will always get abundance of advice which makes you question your baby raising skills (after just having got over the questions over baby bearing ones!) All said and done, Kit Kat have finally discovered the pleasures of peaceful sleep (sleep and let sleep!).

Coming back to ways of drifting to sleep - As a baby, Kat had this strangest habit of rubbing my skin before going to bed. This skin could be my hand, my arm, my anything! This rubbing would go on all the while I was reading books to Kat till the time she fell asleep! Sometimes, if I was sitting next to her and she was drowsy, she would pick my arm and start rubbing her tiny fingers over my hand. This rubbing matured into Kat sucking her own thumb and then eventually a soft toy in bed (still does - Oh! I mean the toy, not the thumb!!)

Now here comes the most funny candidate for sleeping aids: KIT! When she was a baby, she developed this sweet habit of sucking my finger to sleep...So sweet, I hear you say. Ok, agreed but that sweetness looks sweet and adorable only till your baby is really an infant – it starts to look weird once your baby get older. Kat loved my finger SO MUCH that she would just not let go...she started developing preferences for fingers (!) I thought this was our future and was finding ways to reconcile with it when she (literally overnight) decided to switch to sucking her own thumb – what a RELIEF!

Thumb sucking goes on full swing when Kit is tired and sleepy but the minute she lies in bed, she needs my EAR – yes, MY EAR and she pulls it in every possible direction! She says I have the softest ears in the world (is that a crime?) and she has to feel them. What do my girls have with feeling me, I fail to understand. Again, Papa’s ear is not acceptable and nor is anybody else’s – ONLY MINE! Kit is very specific – it has to be the ear lobe only as that is the softest part – when she goes back and forth rubbing against my studs, I am worried that my ears will now start hanging like the rest of my body (Oh dear!)

So what if Dumbo had magic ears, I have the softest ears in the world… She’s just still a child I tell myself – it is only LOVE!

Posted By SLK on Tuesday, August 31, 2010
Each night, Kit and I spend at least 5 minutes negotiating number of books for bedtime reading. She has become very clever – she starts with 10 and settles for somewhere around 7-8 on most days. Some days, when I am adamant or just not in the mood, she will become mini Me and say “7 or 20?” which is a direct lift off from my “3 or zero?” threat that I use on her occasionally when things get out of hand.

When we finally do agree on the number of books, we spend the next half hour or so snuggled up in bed reading them – and this is the time when Kit is allowed to suck her thumb and she uses her freedom to the full. Along with this comes the newly acquired habit of feeling my ear with the other finger and the even more recent habit of alternating hands so you can imagine how wet and sticky my ears are at the end of all this. Thumb on hand 1 goes in the mouth, hand 2 feels my ear - after a few seconds hand 1 with wet thumb feels my ear and dry hand 2 thumb goes in mouth and so on...

(We are reading a book from the library called ‘Is your mama a Llama?’ nowadays. I love this book myself and we read this almost every day. There is a kangaroo called Rhonda in this and Kit loves the sound of this name and wants us to call her that from now on and for the last few days she was actually upset when every night she would remember that we forgot to call her Rhonda during the day! )

Anyhow, once the books are read and the lights are out, Kit is happy for me to leave the room as long as she can feel my ears one last time, pee again and drink water (in that order)! One last hug and kiss and I’m out – monitor on and Kit is generally good for the next 10 hours.

Kit Kat personalised chairs with books

THEN I enter Kat’s room and find her sitting quietly with a book in her favourite chair (both girls have identical chairs). Although there is no negotiating books, there is ALWAYS negotiating bedtime. Whatever bedtime we agree on, Kat always wants 5 minutes more! Then comes the ‘forever brush (both tooth and hair) time’ – I could cook an entire dinner for a family of 10 in that time it seems...Kat can never go to sleep without watering her plants (some new app on her iPhone using which she continues to send virtual bouquets to her friends/family) so an additional 5 minutes are spent watering (!) some virtual plants while I look over them, thinking they do look cute (no wonder Kit wanted to do the same when Kit Kat had an argument this morning!) FINALLY, Kat is ready for bed – takes off her glasses – prepares a mount of books at her bedside for morning time read (a summer break luxury only for a few more days) and snuggles into bed in the right position (with the hair intact etc). Lights out in this room now…I stagger out picking up dropped clothes on the way and make it to my room now where Papa by this time is deep into Financial Times.

Once in my room, I pick up some more dropped clothes (now I know where Kat gets her these genes from!) and hop on the bed (literally – this one is exceptionally high for no reason) and hear the familiar clicking in my knee (Oh God, am I now getting old after having just 2 kids?) and after some one-sided conversation with Papa or (if I’m lucky) some monosyllables back, I go to bed with my e-reader which then takes ages to load because most days I am too busy to remember to charge it/sync it and now its too much hard work to bother – so I just cuddle up and finally go to bed. Night-night...

Do I HAVE to brush my teeth?
Posted By SLK on Monday, August 9, 2010
Every night when I get Kit ready for bed, it’s a race to the bathroom and every night I have to think of a story interesting enough to trick her into brushing her teeth without whining. Most days it works, some days better than others and some days are bad, REALLY bad when Gruffalo, Megan, threats, bacteria, virus, everything FAILS! We still do enjoy in the end with our Germ doctor song while brushing and I think it’s the timing of the entire routine we need to work on but last night was exceptionally funny…

Kit was tired and not very enthusiastic at the thought of brushing her teeth (as usual!)

Me (after reminding her about bacteria, viruses and stomach elly): “Do you know what will happen to your teeth if you don’t brush them?” I say this in a low voice as if the germs are listening to me…

Kit (eyes wide open, in a hushed voice to match mine): “Let’s see if the teeth fall out!!

…And she goes about picking her 6 books for bed time as if nothing has happened and is ready for bed and I’m left wondering if I should now close my mouth or say something or stop looking like that last goldfish in the bowl!

Ear pulling works!
Posted By SLK on Wednesday, July 21, 2010
Just when I thought Kit had outgrown sucking my finger for going to sleep and had matured into sucking her own thumb (yes, for us parents this step was maturity too!) to sleep, she has developed a distinct love for feeling ear lobes to sleep while thumb sucking. Any ear lobe will do as long as it is in a certain good position to feel with the free hand…will sleep time be without any of our body parts EVER? For now sleep time is story time, followed by cuddles, plenty of thumb sucking (hers not mine) along with lots of ear pulling (unfortunately ours, mostly mine!)