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Am I a dinosaur?
Posted By SLK on Wednesday, May 26, 2010
I’m kind of sad when I write this post today. Kat loves to dress up for school – its probably one of those ‘want to be a teenager soon’ thing but whatever it is, it causes major problems in our house from 6:30am – 7:45am every day of the week! Today, when I finally managed to get her and little Kit into the elevator (major feat accomplished), I turned around and saw that the top button of her shirt was done up right into her neck and apart from looking ‘uncool’ (see, I’m a fast learner), it also gave me the impression that she looked uncomfortable.

When I undid the top button, I happened to make the mistake of saying that in our school days when someone did their button up so tight, we found it funny…here is what happened next:

Kate: “Your time mummy. Don’t talk about your time”

Me (offended): “Why? What’s wrong with my time?”

Kate: “That was ages ago. Who cares? It’s different now”

Me (defensive now): “I don’t think so. You think I didn’t wear these kind of clothes. I did”

Kat gave up on me after that giving me that ‘she’ll never understand’ expression so better keep shut!

Thankfully we reached the Lobby just in time for the conversation to take a new turn.

I simply cannot believe that it has been that many years since I left school and that my own daughter, only 10 yrs old now thinks that I am ancient!. She loves me to bits and all that but when it comes to clothes, she doesn’t trust me – she thinks I don’t know fashion – I don’t belong to her time – am I a dinosaur?

The only irony I see here is that I thought the same about my mother but I remember not being 10yrs – I was older when I started thinking on these lines. I think till about 15yrs, my mother knew ‘everything’ – of course after that it changed overnight, as if by magic. Poof!

I never thought once how my mother must have felt when I said the exact same things to her 20 yrs ago – it must have hurt her as much as it hurt me today…

“You’ll realise this when you become a mother “ – I never knew what this meant when my mother got upset with me and said this to me over and over again – I understand this fully well today…