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The Tooth Fairy visit!
Posted By SLK on Thursday, May 10, 2012 it FINALLY happened!! After days of tugging and pulling, Kit lost her first tooth and was she excited?? She was over the moon – after all now that one tooth has given way to adult teeth and not to forget she is now in the league of great role models like Kat!

Every afternoon (after having ‘worked’ on her loose tooth for the majority of the bus ride) Kit would come running to me after school to show me the progress. It was actually adorable – the way she wouldn’t brush her teeth hard (I think that one might have been intentional!) or chew on that side. She wasn’t even happy about drinking, always fearing that she might accidentally swallow her tooth and then she would have nothing for the tooth fairy...

Tooth FairySO when it happened in the morning, Kit was overjoyed! From the moment she had noticed a loose tooth, Kat had given Kit her own tooth fairy box. Within minutes the great little tooth was wrapped up in tissue and placed inside the box – right next to the window (in case the tooth fairy lost her way and spent too much time looking for it!)

Kit kept on telling me all day how her friends had told her that the tooth fairy gives chocolate coins, so naturally I made a mental note to buy some before night so I could do the same. It was only around bedtime that I realised that I had forgotten to do the single most talked about task – I had totally forgotten about the chocolate coin!! Kat was very disappointed in me and when I put Kit to sleep, I had no idea what I was going to do...

As always, I got into the kitchen and invited food to talk to me. I know it sounds weird but sometimes I actually do that – when I have no way of knowing what to make for dinner, I open the refrigerator and the pantry and somehow can see food that I can cook by using what I have. I like to think these are the makings of a great cook but never the less, this saved me! When I opened the pantry, I immediately saw some Disney chocolates which had not been eaten (surprisingly) for a while. I knew I could not use these as such so I carefully took out the chocolate part and very creatively wrapped it in foil paper and voila the chocolate coin was ready!

Chocolate CoinImagine Kit’s surprise when she found the coin in place of the tooth (it rests safely in my ‘baby’ drawer) – chocolate eaten, enjoyed and the whole adventure of the first tooth gone is over...I have to admit, Kit looks awfully cute with that little gap in her teeth!

Yummy Food, Big Names, Little People!
Posted By SLK on Friday, December 10, 2010
Kit is the official taster in her class. Teachers rely on her to encourage other children in her group to try new foods. Once at the table, she will volunteer to try all new foods, be it asparagus, hummus or a varied version of cauliflower! Her teachers tell me that other children watch her as she tastes it and announces “I like it!” – this encourages other children to at least try and of course it encourages Kit to carry on experimenting even if some days it brings out “I don’t like it. Yuck! Disgusting!”

Asparagus We all know that food always tastes nicer with friends so it does break my heart a bit when Kit comes home and says that she now loves cauliflower and I think of the endless moments spent trying to make cauliflower attractive... where did I go wrong? Never mind, at least she eats is somewhere! Same with asparagus – I got so excited when she said she loved it that I decided to steam it right the next day...Kat was eager to try it too. I order groceries online so sometimes portions are a surprise – I didn’t realise a bunch could have that many stems! Anyhow, determined to steam that, I served it all up and they did look pretty in their beautiful green glory but I guess the portion size scared the two girls!!

One look and Kit said: “I just tried one in class and I loved it – I can’t eat so much!!” My heart sank.

Now it was Kat’s turn: “Can I just try one first?” She did and she gave me that sideways secret look (the one she uses to show her dislike when Kit is eating). I died.

Will try another time – I promise!

It is wonderful to see Kit come home excitedly with a sticker that says – I tried a new food today and I loved it! Other days I need to jog her memory to remind her what she ate for lunch and she will describe a new food to me: “we ate something white sauce with carrots” so I know it is ranch dressing – FUN game!

Cantaloupe or Antelope? Yesterday was classic. She was sitting on the potty when she called me “Mummy I tried something new for lunch today.” All smiles for me!

Me: “Really? How wonderful! What was it?”

Kit: “Something yellow orange, very sweet. I know – I ate antelope today!”

Me: “Antelope? That’s an animal. Did you eat cantaloupe?”

Kit: “I think so it was antelope” At this point she looks very serious and nods her head. She is convinced she ate one!

After much fruit recognition (it’s not easy to convince Kit) she is content to note that she ate cantaloupe. To change the subject I casually look at her lunch menu and say “Tomorrow you will eat chicken wings”.

Kit immediately gets up from the potty – “Why? Why are we eating chicken wings?”


Posted By SLK on Monday, October 4, 2010
Destiny Dolls having a party Every few days, Destiny comes to our room…yes, that’s what Kit calls it. She will practically bring her entire room into ours and for the next few days we are assigned to our Destiny! This includes dolls from her collection, together with various outfits and shoes (and night dresses) to match, loads of soft toys and various sizes of sleeping equipment for each odd sized doll and of course, play food for different meals of the day…its very interesting to see Kit buzzing around from one room to the other getting things ready. Some weekends our Destiny may also include pieces of paper with scribbles on it (apparently some menus) or some heart warming pictures or just plain paper with colour pencils lying alongside.

Doll Shoes When she was setting it all up –

Me: “Kit, what is all this mess? Can you please move it to your room now?”

Kit: “No, but I cannot. This is yours and Papa’s Destiny!”

Now, can someone argue with that??

Other doll friendsAfter 3-4 days, Kit moves all the Destiny things back to her room…our room looks very spacious but I do miss looking after all the dolls and the occasional scolding from Kit about not looking after our Destiny!

Kit’s real name is not Kit and it’s not Destiny either but she (along with Kat) is truly such a significant part of ours!

iTunes on fire!
Posted By SLK on Friday, July 30, 2010
Kat is now totally hooked to her iPod when we go out for long drives – this Apple wonder has been lying around uselessly for the last 3 yrs but has only just been rediscovered here at our house! She is also now beginning to understand iTunes, how to sync songs etc and is generally becoming more computer savvy – as opposed to letting Papa be the computer geek every time.

So yesterday when Kat when to the library, she very excitedly came back with an audio book The Lightning Thief and decided to play it on her computer while sketching. Unfortunately I wasn’t home so excerpts of my conversation with her when she called me on my cell in panic:

Kat: “Mummy, when I put the audio book CD in, it comes up with an error message!”

Me (thinking it has something to do with the Dell guy who tinkered with the system the day before): “Just press Cancel if it asks you to do anything. Wait for me.”

Kat (really panicking now): “But it has no Cancel. Only OK button”

Me (hating putting you in the corner situations like this): “Right. Just read the error message to me”

Kat: “It says it’s trying to open iTunes and some files for CD burning software are missing from registry.”

Me (phew! Not that bad): “Just OK it and see”

Kat: “Yes it works! Thanks mummy and…”

Me: “Yes? Quick. Hurry”

Kat (whispering in the phone): “Its not going to burn iTunes, is it?”

Me: “What?” (Then finally realising that children take words for their literal meaning so very easily) “Burn means to copy. No, nothing will burn” (hopefully!)

Kat was relieved then and I came back home to find her glued to the desk happily sketching with the unscathed iTunes playing the CD in the background…

Lightning Thief & the Pink Desktop

Kumon Sisters
Posted By SLK on Friday, July 9, 2010
For all of you who are not familiar with Kumon, it is a Maths and reading program that has worked brilliantly with Kit Kat (so far). Kat started when she was four and as Kit tends to do everything that Kat does and having the second child syndrome makes it easier to some extent, she started at 3 years. Kumon is based on repetition and may or may not work for some kids but I like to think that it works for my girls. When Kat was younger, she took to it like duck to water but then came the nasty long divisions over and over again and then the fractions and she seemed to be stuck in certain levels forever! All said and done, Kat is over some difficult blocks but the most challenging job for all of us is to complete a sheet (and 2 for Kit as she does Reading too) every single day.

While Kit is always excited to do her Kumon (as hers is so colourful with pictures and large sized numbers – she’s only in Junior Kumon) and although Kat got a Kumon Golden Mathlete Star recently, she always has to be inspired to do hers (I don’t blame her!) The one inspiration that always works is if I get them both to do it together – from a work and seriousness scenario, this is not an ideal situation but is a win-win for everyone so I let them carry on…and this is how the sisters get on with it!

Kumon Sisters

The minute I announce that Kit Kat will do Kumon together, I seem to initiate a race for who will grab Kumon folder first. So far so good I think. Then come the manipulations…

Kat, who mostly has some errors from last evening’s worksheet (which needs to be corrected before today’s sheet and fearing that Kit will win the race if she starts work first): “Honey, can I correct my work while you wait?” And she gives Kit a hug and a kiss. Oh my God! Such drama…BOTH my girls!

Kit smiles back “Sure. I’ll wait” and she waits with such admirable patience that I am amazed. Not so much as drawing a line on the paper. Sitting staring at her work waiting for Kat to edit her mistakes. Commendable!

Once Kat finishes her mistakes, they are back on the race. Kat likes to hum while doing her Kumon and Kit gets irritated.

Kit: “Mummy, can she stop singing? I can’t concentrating” (That’s a new word for her)

Kat finds this funny and starts laughing and I remind her that as the work is being timed and if she gets more than 3 mistakes because of lack of her concentration, we all will be laughing at her and she sobers up!

Kit continues in her high pitched voice and Kat is easily distracted as Kit has this habit of questioning everything with a “Why?” I remind her that this is not story time but Kumon. Every now and then I get “I’m tired…” then followed by “Can I do four sheets today?”
I nod to everything to keep things moving and its working so far.

On the other hand, I think all Kat is doing is looking over at Kit’s work making sure she is not leading her in any way.

When I see this, I question her age over and over again!! She finds this funny and she is in one of her moods and tells us to look at her burp out the ABCs and she actually does it!

Kit’s reaction is “It’s disgusting!” and she screws up her nose in a really interesting way.

I second her opinion and we both tell Kat to continue her work.
Kit tells me “She’s not listening to you, is she?”(Why does she have to say it so loudly?)

As was obvious from the level of concentration today, Kit finishes her sheets before Kat and just then Papa calls. Kit starts her long story of Kat’s complaints as usual…while Kat continues and completes her work between stares of disbelief at both me and Kit.

Kumon session is FINALLY over!