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The Tooth Fairy visit!
Posted By SLK on Thursday, May 10, 2012 it FINALLY happened!! After days of tugging and pulling, Kit lost her first tooth and was she excited?? She was over the moon – after all now that one tooth has given way to adult teeth and not to forget she is now in the league of great role models like Kat!

Every afternoon (after having ‘worked’ on her loose tooth for the majority of the bus ride) Kit would come running to me after school to show me the progress. It was actually adorable – the way she wouldn’t brush her teeth hard (I think that one might have been intentional!) or chew on that side. She wasn’t even happy about drinking, always fearing that she might accidentally swallow her tooth and then she would have nothing for the tooth fairy...

Tooth FairySO when it happened in the morning, Kit was overjoyed! From the moment she had noticed a loose tooth, Kat had given Kit her own tooth fairy box. Within minutes the great little tooth was wrapped up in tissue and placed inside the box – right next to the window (in case the tooth fairy lost her way and spent too much time looking for it!)

Kit kept on telling me all day how her friends had told her that the tooth fairy gives chocolate coins, so naturally I made a mental note to buy some before night so I could do the same. It was only around bedtime that I realised that I had forgotten to do the single most talked about task – I had totally forgotten about the chocolate coin!! Kat was very disappointed in me and when I put Kit to sleep, I had no idea what I was going to do...

As always, I got into the kitchen and invited food to talk to me. I know it sounds weird but sometimes I actually do that – when I have no way of knowing what to make for dinner, I open the refrigerator and the pantry and somehow can see food that I can cook by using what I have. I like to think these are the makings of a great cook but never the less, this saved me! When I opened the pantry, I immediately saw some Disney chocolates which had not been eaten (surprisingly) for a while. I knew I could not use these as such so I carefully took out the chocolate part and very creatively wrapped it in foil paper and voila the chocolate coin was ready!

Chocolate CoinImagine Kit’s surprise when she found the coin in place of the tooth (it rests safely in my ‘baby’ drawer) – chocolate eaten, enjoyed and the whole adventure of the first tooth gone is over...I have to admit, Kit looks awfully cute with that little gap in her teeth!

Do I HAVE to brush my teeth?
Posted By SLK on Monday, August 9, 2010
Every night when I get Kit ready for bed, it’s a race to the bathroom and every night I have to think of a story interesting enough to trick her into brushing her teeth without whining. Most days it works, some days better than others and some days are bad, REALLY bad when Gruffalo, Megan, threats, bacteria, virus, everything FAILS! We still do enjoy in the end with our Germ doctor song while brushing and I think it’s the timing of the entire routine we need to work on but last night was exceptionally funny…

Kit was tired and not very enthusiastic at the thought of brushing her teeth (as usual!)

Me (after reminding her about bacteria, viruses and stomach elly): “Do you know what will happen to your teeth if you don’t brush them?” I say this in a low voice as if the germs are listening to me…

Kit (eyes wide open, in a hushed voice to match mine): “Let’s see if the teeth fall out!!

…And she goes about picking her 6 books for bed time as if nothing has happened and is ready for bed and I’m left wondering if I should now close my mouth or say something or stop looking like that last goldfish in the bowl!