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Best friends forever? Uh-oh! Not so sure...
Posted By SLK on Wednesday, August 25, 2010
 Best friends forever

Kit has a best friend – of course her friends change ever so often and most of them are the ‘best’ anyway BUT still this friend is really Kit’s bestest friend so far. They play nicely together in the playroom, by the poolside and even go to the shops and parks together with their respective babysitters for little picnics etc.

Kit had a wonderful time at this best friend’s house a few days ago (and has since had this Can I have a baby girl or baby brother? mantra) so it was logical for me to invite her friend over to our house for a play date, right? WRONG!! It was the biggest mistake of this week at least! The other sin I committed was that I was not around for the play date. I had to run an urgent errand and as this was her BEST friend coming over, I assumed all would be fine considering there was Kat and 2 other babysitters around.

Imagine my surprise when I came home after the play date only to be told by Kat that all Kit did for the entire torturous 2 hours was cry and not share a single toy – my darling little girl who is adored by everyone around her and is the epitome of niceness and manners, who is usually such a matter of pride for me, turned into someone unpredictable just like that? Apparently, she just sat there bawling every time her friend touched any one of her toys/dolls. I believe Kit softened a little bit towards the end but wonder what went wrong? She’s had play dates before but nothing as fierce as this! (I believe in the end her friend ended up playing with Kat so I guess we did have one successful play date combo in the end)

When I questioned Kit, she said: “Why do I have to play what my friend wants? Those were my toys”. I think it was an ownership issue at that point but surprisingly Kit Kat share things between them (both happily and otherwise). When I explained why it was wrong to behave like that with her friend and that mummy was wrong too in having left her alone, Kit said: “That’s why I was like that, because you were not here.” (Imagine – now the fault was entirely mine!)

After a lot of comfort thumb sucking, hugs and kisses later, Kit promised to behave well next time (if her friend still wants to come over!) and was off to meet her FRIEND again in the playroom...what I gathered from the conversation between the babysitters, Kit's friend was eager to see her too!! Wonder what goes on in their little heads?