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Magic of Bermuda
Posted By SLK on Tuesday, July 5, 2011
What a relaxing holiday it was...just back from Bermuda and I can still feel the warm (at times rather hot!) sun on my back. It was a much needed vacation and Papa got to spend quality time with Kit Kat...MUCH MUCH NEEDED!

Fairmont Hamilton Princess It’s interesting how a hotel with buffet breakfast can change its ratings (for Kit Kat) from a great hotel to THE BEST. (I saw a similar look in their eyes when we went on the Cruise last year and we saw all that food for the first time...) I think it’s not just the food but the way it’s laid out, easy access etc. When it comes to actual eating, there is so much confusion (especially with Kit dropping cutlery almost all the time, losing her napkin, fighting to make my tea endlessly) that in the end, the breakfast is not so successful!

Crystal Caves When we went to the Crystal and Fantasy Caves, we were sceptical about how Kit would react to the tour, hundreds of steps and the darkness associated with it, combined with the excessive heat. As it happens, in situations like this I trust Papa more than myself (my school friends can vouch for my lack of balance!) so we began the journey with trepidation. Kat was great and once you tell her to go in a certain manner, she actually listens to you. Kit, on the other hand, does not and insisted on taking 2 steps at a time (my heart lietrally skipping a beat every time she did that). Once we made it down to the depths of the cave and while I was trying to look at the beautiful stalactites and stalagmites (also trying to figure out which was what), Kat was busy clicking pictures with her iPhone (I, simultaneously fearing that this was the last time I was seeing it before it was sacrificed to this beautiful island!). Papa was so busy listening to the tour guide that Kit found the perfect thing to do – in the quietness and serenity of these magical caves, she was on the lookout for mermaids! She kept asking us if we could see any and then she started pretending she could see one swim by – very soon we had several members of our tour playing along with her. Once someone told her, he had seen two mermaids behind that rock in the water – Kit was convinced forever! With 2 pee stops, endless steps, great photo shoot opportunities and the magical mermaid mystery, the caves were a big hit with the girls...

Horseshoe Bay One thing I truly miss about Bermuda is the beach. On second thoughts, I think I miss it more because Kit and Kat miss it. I’m not such a great lover of excessive sun (I begin to itch especially on my hands and the sun induced migraines turn me into someone my family don’t seem to like!) but the play time with the girls on the beach is so much fun! Couple it with the pink sand beach of Horseshoe Bay and this became SUPER fun this year. This year would also be the official landmark year for Kit as it was in 2011 in Bermuda that Kit learned to play in the waves on her own. Of course, Papa and Kat were always around and near her (I was always behind!) but this was the time that Kit was not being held but was enjoying the waves on her own and OMG, the fun she had, it was written all over her smiley face! If it was not for the rip current and the rain, they could have stayed in the water all day – a true growing and glowing moment for Kit! Well done!

July 4 fireworks Back at home in NY…perfect finale to the trip were the July 4th fireworks that we watched from our room (one of the joys of being on a 40+ floor is that you don’t have to rush to the roof to get the best space anymore!) What an amazing job by Macy’s – those fireworks are great and Kit watched them wide-eyed this year (I think she was too sleepy last year)

Days well spent, sun well soaked and some great bonding time for the entire family – Goodbye Bermuda – we MISS you already!

P.S. Kat is SO happy we made it back home safe…the Bermuda Triangle was her biggest concern before we left and the hot item on her ‘to-do prayers’ every night!

Kat's First Coach
Posted By SLK on Monday, October 11, 2010
My older sister has a passion for shoes. She is known to have a matching pair for almost every outfit. I hated her being so fussy when we were younger as that meant wasting ages and ages in a shoe shop every time we went shopping with Mummy. I never shared that passion (ok fine, she had the prettier feet) due to the fact that medically (owing to plantar fasciitis) I need comfy footwear (thank God!)

The one thing I like carrying and care about are handbags – am I fussy? Depends how much time I have - although I think I lost the time luxury factor a few years ago. For me, it is important to have a smart handbag and my favourite brand is Coach. I always seem to find what I’m looking for – quick and easy. Bliss!

Here comes Kat into the picture – she seems to be an interesting mix of me and my sister. She has this passion for handbags (she has a pretty decent collection) but the FUSS with which the selection is made is how my sister used to pick shoes. I can’t help making the connection.

Kat has a selection of handbags which were of the ‘kid/maybe tween’ level – the most sophisticated ones being a Tommy Hilfiger and the latest a pink Juicy Couture from her Aunt. So when she went shopping for a Coach handbag for ME , it was heart breaking to see her look at the price tags of all the smaller handbags (her size) and then put them back instantly. I could see her posing with them in the corner of the shop too. So after I had selected mine, I had a quick word with Papa (who is the last person to object to anything for Kat anyway!) and we decided it was time to surprise Kat with her first Coach. So we started looking at the handbag section she was searching through at first and then we broke the news that she could actually buy one for herself.

Mother and Daughter Coach
For someone who has never seen tags more than ones and tens for her handbags, the news had BIG impact! Also, as pocket money concept is new to Kat and we are getting her to buy things out of her own savings, her first question was “Do I have to buy it from my money?” without realising how many weeks/months of pocket money it was worth!

Anyhow, breaking the news was simple – selecting the handbag was the big thing – Kat must have tried every handbag in the store before finalising (here she is slightly different from my sister who would try all the shoes and still move on to the next store in search of better buys – so bugging!) Also amazing is the patience that Papa suddenly showed abundance of when it came to Kat – he patiently selected handbag after handbag for her – asked her to pose in it while he commented – all the while I just hurried them along and panicked, in vain. All of this patience (of Papa’s) somehow vanishes when its my turn to buy things – Kit will suddenly turn wild, time will become precious in an instant, almost always parking will be an issue or Kat will be all around me hounding me why I am buying so many things when she has so few etc etc.

All okay and Coach is now HOME. Mine is slung on my shoulder carelessly for every meaningless errand –Kat’s coach is special...her new best friend. Stays in her closest most days – comes to life over the weekend and gets a lot of love.

Surprisingly Kit didn’t ask for one – she was content looking at herself in all the mirrors or maybe she was just in one of her forgiving moods – Time will tell...

Posted By SLK on Monday, October 4, 2010
Destiny Dolls having a party Every few days, Destiny comes to our room…yes, that’s what Kit calls it. She will practically bring her entire room into ours and for the next few days we are assigned to our Destiny! This includes dolls from her collection, together with various outfits and shoes (and night dresses) to match, loads of soft toys and various sizes of sleeping equipment for each odd sized doll and of course, play food for different meals of the day…its very interesting to see Kit buzzing around from one room to the other getting things ready. Some weekends our Destiny may also include pieces of paper with scribbles on it (apparently some menus) or some heart warming pictures or just plain paper with colour pencils lying alongside.

Doll Shoes When she was setting it all up –

Me: “Kit, what is all this mess? Can you please move it to your room now?”

Kit: “No, but I cannot. This is yours and Papa’s Destiny!”

Now, can someone argue with that??

Other doll friendsAfter 3-4 days, Kit moves all the Destiny things back to her room…our room looks very spacious but I do miss looking after all the dolls and the occasional scolding from Kit about not looking after our Destiny!

Kit’s real name is not Kit and it’s not Destiny either but she (along with Kat) is truly such a significant part of ours!

Sunny Mismanagement
Posted By SLK on Wednesday, September 15, 2010
I LOVE my sunglasses – actually it’s more of a necessity for me than a fashion accessory...the day I venture out in the sun without mine I am doomed – a bright, smiling sun and hunger are triggers for a migraine that will never forgive me for days. Kat has glasses and she even got the photo chromatic ones so that she could have her sunglasses in the sun and the same ones turn normal in the shade. However, after seeing me being so much in love with mine, she has now finally got a pair of prescription sunglasses for herself. She enjoys wearing them but it’s a big hassle for me as I always end up carrying them – it’s an expensive pair (prescription sunglasses always are) and I am so worried that somewhere in the process of exchanging the normal pair with the sunglasses, she will either lose or break this one – and I feel much safer guarding them! Totally my fault – no one else to blame...

Our sunglasses Kat copies me and gets her pair and who does Kit copy? You guessed it – Kat! Kit has not one, but 2 pair of sunglasses to choose from and some days she will not leave the house if both Kat and I are wearing sunglasses and she isn’ here we are, three girls ready to face the sun with sun block, sunglasses and sun hats and guess what? the only man in our house will not wear sunglasses. He has the most jaw dropping Maui Jim sunglasses that have seen daylight only a dozen times in the last few years and are safely stashed away in the glove compartment in the car.

Anyhow, last weekend when we were checking out from Hershey’s Park (wow! what a sweet treat weekend that was…) I came back to the car and it was clear that Kat had been messing around with my handbag to search for her sunglasses.

Me (jokingly): “Looks like someone’s been messing around in my bag. I can see some mismanagement here in my bag.”

Kat ignores me. Kit on the other hand thinks that I have found something in my bag so she immediately takes her thumb out of her mouth in anticipation and says: “Can I have it please?”

Me (perplexed): “What?”

Kit: “What you found in the bag. That mis thing.”

That really gave us all a good laugh...Kit on the other hand, adjusted her sunglasses and hat and carried on sucking her thumb in the car seat totally unimpressed by our laughter (like something silly grown ups do from time to time!)

Hurricane Weekend
Posted By SLK on Monday, September 6, 2010
So here we were thinking of a wonderful holiday to Cape Cod for the long weekend only to be ruined by a hurricane red alert there followed by waiting till Thursday and then last minute cancellation on Friday..So we found ourselves with 3 long days ahead with Kat complaining that we NEVER do anything interesting and that this was going to be her worst weekend ever (she tends to get melodramatic most days!) and Kit following suit after closely watching Kat’s reactions.

Papa and I did feel terrible as we were looking forward to this last break before school starts but then we don’t usually go around driving at gusty winds of 125mph and more! So couldn’t blame the girls for feeling let down but when your feelings are mirrored in your kids, it makes you feel even worse, right? Papa and I then set on the task of entertaining them over the weekend and to make it fun for them in whatever way we could.

Italian beauty Friday (the afternoon we would have left – *sob*) evening we all went to an Italian place for dinner. Kat LOVES pasta – I can’t remember but I’m pretty sure it must be the first food word she learnt to say as well! As for Kit, she loves pizza when it comes to Italian but some fancy places don’t do pizza so ended up with pasta which was fine as some days she would rather be like Kat then be like Papa (he is such a Pizza person!) We had a leisurely dinner (so much so that at one time we thought the server had forgotten us!) and strolled back home – at one point, Papa kissed Kat and Kit froze in the middle of the street and said she was not going home. Eventually, she confessed that she was upset Papa had kissed Kat! The Final Jam The next 5 minutes were spent in the Kit and Papa game of “Who do you love more? Papa or Mummy or Kat?” while Kat and I walked back home – it’s so much fun to talk like an adult to Kat now. She is my big girl. Followed by the Premiere of Camp Rock II (The Final Jam) on tele, it was the end to a great Friday at home.

An apple a day keeps the doctor away? Well, if that was true our entire building is very fit and healthy now! Kit Kat went apple picking on Saturday and we picked so many apples (Gala only – family favourites) that we shared with everyone – the doormen, our neighbours, babysitter – it was a fun time we had between the hay ride, picking and the actual abundance of apples! On the way back, the car wash was a huge success and its always such a joy to watch Kit with her grin from ear to ear throughout the duration of the wash. In fact we got so carried away with the adventure that we got locked in and I had to manually let us out!
Apple picking
Kit has this fascination with Brooklyn Bridge. For the last few weeks, she has been talking about it ever so often that we finally decided to walk through it on Sunday. We’ve seen it a million times while driving but I guess walking makes all the difference. What a beauty it is – Kat got a bit tired especially when she saw Kit piggy back on Papa all the way back! Ate lunch in a roadside bistro where I fell in love with a Hibiscus drink while Kat had 2 tall glasses of a Bahama smoothie while Papa had something called Loomi. Brooklyn Bridge This trip ended with playtime in the park, climbing on rocks followed by Kat teaching Kit how to wish and throw pebbles in the water. It was such an adorable sight! The next half an hour was spent with all of us sitting there, simply throwing pebbles in the water and having a little competition...

What’s on the agenda today? Today will be Papa’s day as I need to get some things in order for school tomorrow. They will be going for a swim and to the park later. Oh yes, Kat wants a little manicure (a special treat before she starts school tomorrow) so I have to sort that one out later in the evening.

It was a nice weekend...sometimes things change for the better. I’m glad we didn’t make it to Cape Cod, hurricane or not – we spent some priceless, precious and happy moments together...