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Super Reader
Posted By SLK on Friday, March 13, 2015
We love to read. Papa can be found reading after work and also on weekends. I used to love reading before going to bed but last few years (15 actually), I find myself so tired at end of day that the thought of a book coming between me and my sleep time is so unthinkable! Any opportunity of getting a few extra minutes of sleep is so refreshing!! My life before 15 years of kids and other family commitments always included best sellers at my bedside table.

Kat was a great reader when she was younger. She still reads but High School homework, quizzes and tests make it extremely hard. Coming from a family of such avid readers, it was only natural for Kit to be fond of books. She is our Super Reader right now. Not only does she enjoy her books and reading, she can get into an animated discussion about any book demonstrating that she thoroughly understands it. She has already read the Harry Potter, Rick Riordan series and just completed the Odyssey.

Bookmarks from school
Kit’s schedule is such that she always reads in the morning before getting ready for school. Kat takes considerable time (topic for another blog) to get dressed and hence wakes up quite early. Kit gets up at the same time (if not before) to start her reading. Most days, she is able to read 45 minutes or so before school which is great as once the day starts, there are so many more fun things to do. Today was interesting. Kit had a book to complete as it was due back in library today. Most times, she just returns it the next day or renews it but today was special. As it’s the last day of school before Spring break, she wanted to return it so that she can get 8 books for the break (they are normally allowed 4 for a week but this week is special). Digital bookmark So, our Super Reader got up at 6 am and finished the book in 1 hour 36 minutes! Thank God for the digital bookmark - makes it so much easier to enter reading time in journals!

A very happy and content (albeit tired) Kit went to school today…wonder what 8 books will grace our house for the break!!
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