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Super Reader
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We love to read. Papa can be found reading after work and also on weekends. I used to love reading before going to bed but last few years (15 actually), I find myself so tired at end of day that the thought of a book coming between me and my sleep time is so unthinkable! Any opportunity of getting a few extra minutes of sleep is so refreshing!! My life before 15 years of kids and other family commitments always included best sellers at my bedside table.

Kat was a great reader when she was younger. She still reads but High School homework, quizzes and tests make it extremely hard. Coming from a family of such avid readers, it was only natural for Kit to be fond of books. She is our Super Reader right now. Not only does she enjoy her books and reading, she can get into an animated discussion about any book demonstrating that she thoroughly understands it. She has already read the Harry Potter, Rick Riordan series and just completed the Odyssey.

Bookmarks from school
Kit’s schedule is such that she always reads in the morning before getting ready for school. Kat takes considerable time (topic for another blog) to get dressed and hence wakes up quite early. Kit gets up at the same time (if not before) to start her reading. Most days, she is able to read 45 minutes or so before school which is great as once the day starts, there are so many more fun things to do. Today was interesting. Kit had a book to complete as it was due back in library today. Most times, she just returns it the next day or renews it but today was special. As it’s the last day of school before Spring break, she wanted to return it so that she can get 8 books for the break (they are normally allowed 4 for a week but this week is special). Digital bookmark So, our Super Reader got up at 6 am and finished the book in 1 hour 36 minutes! Thank God for the digital bookmark - makes it so much easier to enter reading time in journals!

A very happy and content (albeit tired) Kit went to school today…wonder what 8 books will grace our house for the break!!
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Happy Valentine's Day
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I LOVE the pinks, reds and whites of Valentine’s Day. There is something really cute about V Day in school (I mean lower school – we’re not even getting into higher grades!!). While I LOVE the whole happy and colourful part of V Day, I really DO NOT like the candy it is associated with. I try my best not to keep candy at home (occasional treat is fine) but there is not much I can hide if Kit carries it from friends on V Day from school. So I made a resolution - if I do not want my child to come home with candy, I should not pass it around on V Day either…sounds like a reasonable pledge, right? Well, it sounded great to me and then Kit suggested I bake cookies instead and tag them on to cards. The gullible baker in me agreed and then came the time when Kit counted the number of cookies she needed AND the gravity of the situation dawned on me…I was baking in excess of 70 cookies!!!!

Too late to panic I told myself – this had to be done. The over eager baker in me had suggested we make frosting sandwiched heart shaped cookies – so in all I was baking you know how many cookies…

Happy Valentine's Day
It was a crazy morning and afternoon making the dough, refrigerating it, rolling it, cutting hearts, again cutting hearts for the ‘peep show’, baking, cooling, frosting and cling wrapping. I thought I had done a remarkable job when I had wrapped the individual cookies…but then Kit came home and it was time to tag the cards. We decided to put the wrapped cookies in cone shaped treat bags and tie ribbons on both ends – it did look so cute in the end but I have to tell you, we both were exhausted!! Day over, cookies sent to school and I know Kit will enjoy handing them over to her friends. Job well done!!

Happy Valentine’s Day to all the mums out there – I’m sure you did something special to make your child’s day special!!
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Happy Birthday celebrations!
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Happy 15th Birthday Kat!! We love you! Happy 14th Birthday Mothersbliss!!

Phew! Feb 4th and the days leading up to it sure are a celebration at our place. As you know, Kit and Kat have a birthday menu every year – actually its not really a birthDAY menu – it’s a birthWEEK menu so every time I go to the kitchen to prepare a quick meal and hoping for any food ingredients to jump at me and inspire me for a super easy meal, I am reminded that its birthday week and I can’t be forgiven... Having said that, it can be fun though – at least the end usually makes everyone happy as we eat ‘special’ food every day.

This week’s highlight was the birthday cake (as usual). For those of you, who don’t know that I love to bake, please note that I LOVE TO BAKE!

Happy Birthday
This year’s special was a double layer almond cake (pink sponge so Kit thought it was vanilla and just pink – she doesn’t want Kat to have her favourite flavour baked) with chocolate and raspberry ganache and buttercream pink icing…it was delicious! Enjoy the picture (for some reason, the picture looks more brown than pink!)
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Pre Birthday Gifts!
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Now, hard as it may seem to me to imagine, Kat is actually going to turn 15 next week...yes, that's true!
For the last few years, it been about hair with her - first they had to be at same level (journey from bob to long hair is a LONG one), then they had to be cut every few weeks to avoid split ends and of course, then came the phase where hair had to be straightened every day or so...(we're still stuck in this phase!)

Given all the hair obsession we have in the family, it was no surprise that Kat decided to order 3 different types of hair brushes, combs etc and that package was delivered yesterday from Sephora.

Apart from the hair accessories and other stuff, what makes this package really unique is the fact that this is Kat's birthday gift to herself. The thing is that, every year, Kat wants money for her birthday so she can then spend it the way she wishes. Its a win-win for everyone as it works not to spend hours trying to figure out what would please a teenager and the gift of money never fails to impress:)
birthday gift
So, this package delivered yesterday has the stuff that Kat wanted for her birthday and because of all the tempting hair brushes it has, she also REALLY wanted to use them.

She had this idea previously where I should gift wrap everything so she feels like she is getting a gift on her birthday. Since last night, she had been debating if she
should use any of her products or wait till next week. In the end, patience broke and this morning, she sampled all of them and was very happy indeed!

Here's to Kat - HAPPY BIRTHDAY and no matter how hard you try to seem grown up, I know you are still a baby at heart who can't control the urge to unwrap presents!

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Hairy tale!
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Time flies...and yes, that is no excuse for being away from this blog for so long but honestly, time flies!

Kit is 8 now and Kat is turning 15 next month...unbelievable - where did the time go?

It’s a joke in our house that Kat can always be found in front of the mirror straightening her hair! She truly loves her hair and takes extreme good care of it (she has incredible hair too). She’s become organized now in the sense that she now washes and dries and straightens her hair in the morning before school. It’s a lot of work but she manages to do it by getting up early around 6am (I have never ever seen her jump this fast out of bed as it is with the thrice a week early wake up…)

I love short hair

With Kat so fond of her hair, it was but natural for Kit to get more involved with hers. I miss the days when both Kit and Kat had short hair. All they needed was a quick comb in the morning, a hair band or clips and they were ready…it’s a little bit more complicated now, especially with Kit as Kat is able to do everything herself and would NEVER allows me to touch her hair.

Kit is now left with choices of styles she can do and most days it is braids and I have to say I love them. I still feel she looked cuter with shorter hair but I guess it’s the ease of handling that probably makes me say that (or rather influences it). I miss Kit’s short hair but I know very soon, I’ll be missing this braiding routine when she gets deeper in love with the hair styling following Kat’s footsteps…
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