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Lego comes of age
Posted By SLK on Sunday, July 25, 2010
While doing Lego, I ask Kit to search for a certain piece. I show her what we need to create the tree in a different colour so she knows what she’s looking for. When we do Lego we talk in numbers like “I need a 4 in this or 6 in this” referring to the characteristic dots on the piece.

To demonstrate that she has understood, Kit says “You mean you need the same age?” I think she was referring to the length! Never mind I got the message, she added a new word (length) to her vocabulary (and used it million times after that!) and we ended up with a brilliant Lego house and tree…

Our Lego house and tree

Lip gloss affair
Posted By SLK on Saturday, July 24, 2010
We’re back! Kids can’t stop talking about the Cruise but one more mention of the C word and I’ll throw up… I mean how much food can a human see? There was SO much food everywhere (did someone mention Weight Watchers?) – They even had a complete chocolate dessert buffet on the last day (I think I’m going to faint now…)

On this trip I noticed that Kat has developed a distinct love for 2 things – her hair and lip gloss. She was sharing a cabin with her cousin and it was impossible to get her out of the bathroom on time any one day - hair had to be done to perfection only to be messed up by a naughty cousin hiding behind the door…and then the disappearance into the bathroom again! Lips had to glossed and then re glossed and then re glossed…all the way home!

Once we touched land (hurray!), Kit Kat were off to Toys R Us with Papa for some princess shopping for Kit as she’s been wearing the same Princess Aurora dress for the last 6 months it seems…and guess what? Kat returned with a new fashion lip gloss set complete with nail polish (Selena Gomez)! Oh Dear…

Lip Gloss again!

Kit is busy with a Dress Up trunk full of Princess costumes which is adorable and Kat as usual with her lip gloss (I hope it’s a fad and she will come around though I must admit they smell heavenly!) and I’m off to cook some real food now and get the family used to having less for dinner!
*whisper* we ate so much in the last 5 days, even if we skip meals for next week straight, we’ll all still be overweight…

Sisterly Love
Posted By SLK on Thursday, July 22, 2010
Kit has become very naughty on this cruise. Maybe it is the lack of fresh air and open spaces or maybe it is just time to go home! She is getting away with it to some extent because I don’t want to start some kind of regime on the ship…so here we are with Kat and cousin anyway always up to some tricks of their own and now Kit contributing her own dose of antics from time to time. Let’s get this ship home quickly!!

In all this drama, Kat has devised a very clever way of getting her work done from Kit. Whenever she needs anything done from little Kit, she will bat her eyelids and say: “Kit honey, will you do this for me?”

Now, no matter how naughty Kit’s been all day, when Kat says this to her in her characteristic sugary tone (which only she can use), Kit will do anything for her. Kat will very rarely use this to get any of our work done but will get all her jobs done from Kit this way and Kit will oblige happily and obediently!

Sisterly love…comes handy once in a while!

Ear pulling works!
Posted By SLK on Wednesday, July 21, 2010
Just when I thought Kit had outgrown sucking my finger for going to sleep and had matured into sucking her own thumb (yes, for us parents this step was maturity too!) to sleep, she has developed a distinct love for feeling ear lobes to sleep while thumb sucking. Any ear lobe will do as long as it is in a certain good position to feel with the free hand…will sleep time be without any of our body parts EVER? For now sleep time is story time, followed by cuddles, plenty of thumb sucking (hers not mine) along with lots of ear pulling (unfortunately ours, mostly mine!)

Cruising islands & streets
Posted By SLK on Tuesday, July 20, 2010
Being on a cruise is great...loads of food, sun and fun all combined into one great ship! However it was a nice change to touch land when the ship docked yesterday for a few hours. The seniors (Kat and cousin) went kayaking with Papa whereas Kit and I went on a Hop on - Hop off bus tour of the land.

In the course of the trip, the tour guide pointed to an island so I explained to Kit.

Me: “Any land surrounded on all sides by water is called island, right?”

Kit nodded very seriously giving me the impression that she had understood the term perfectly. Little did I know that her little mind was already working on educating me?!

After a few moments we crossed the market square and Kit heard the tour guide say the word ‘Street’ so she looks at me pointedly and says:

Kit: “You know when something is NOT surrounded on all sides by water, what it is called?”

Me: (Confused as by now I had lost all interest in what the tour guide was saying – breakfast and sun have this effect on me!) “No”

Kit: (Satisfied to have been first with the answer) It’s called Street.

Oh..Allright! I’ll remember this then…!