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My girl has migraine?
Posted By SLK on Thursday, September 9, 2010
My threshold of pain is reasonably good, in fact it’s very good BUT when it comes to a bad migraine I just don’t know how to handle it. Give me childbirth and I will breeze through it (Ok fine, the epidural helps) but although I’m a chronic migraine sufferer and I’ve known migraine since I started middle school and I do (and should) know how to live with it by now, this is one kind of pain I cannot absolutely bear. SO, it totally BROKE my heart when KAT called me from school yesterday crying incessantly and saying that her head hurt so much on one side and that she was nauseous too. It was almost home time by now and I think it was a build up of the whole pain by this time that led her to cry (I used to do it when I was a kid).

I know this feeling too well. My heart sank. Kat is very strong – she is my big girl in school – she never cries so it must really hurt. The nurse had only called me 30 minutes ago asking me if it was okay to give her some pain reliever and I thought it was just a regular headache (sometimes when they are tired they go up to the nurse) and she agreed. Then Kat went up to her locker room and called me and cried. Her school is around 30 minutes away by car so even if I/Papa wanted to bring her back, it was simpler for her to get back in the school bus (as it was home time anyway).

Once on the school bus, I called her again but she just quickly spoke to me and said she wanted to rest as she could not bear the pain. I tried to get as much information as I could in those few bits of conversation so as to confirm it was the dreaded migraine. The symptoms were so damn similar to how I feel – the aura of a migraine, the whole nausea, the pounding on the head...Anyhow, I cancelled my physiotherapy for the knee and waited for Kat to come home (last minute cancellations never go down well – I could write a complete blog on that lady who took my call and said “I will waive the late cancellation fee this time as I have other fish to fry” – can you believe that?) I even sent Kit to the playroom so there could be some quiet for Kat when she got home.

Kat's School Bus When Kat was dropped off, I got a call from her bus matron saying that I should pick her up from the lobby as she was crying – I rushed and as is always the case, it took me ages to get to the lobby from the 41st floor. Once there, Kat was waiting for me, crying – apparently she had puked on the bus and she was crying because she was embarrassed about it – no 5th grader pukes on the bus! She was worried about having made a mess on the bus and what everybody must have thought. I hugged and comforted her. Her new backpack was all messed up and she was shaken up so we both went upstairs. After a shower, more medication and some sleep, she felt much better but pain still there – so typical. For me, it was an evening spent cleaning all the messy bits when Kat slept and thanks to a magical cleaner, her backpack is good as new and great smelling again! Her bus matron called a bit later to check on her – she’s a real star. Kat got an email from another friend so she did feel a bit ‘wanted’ in the community in the end.

I will speak to her neurologist today and see what she says. School is off today so that is great news. Kat can rest and she also has a play date later today. We’ll see how she feels. Kat says she NEVER wants to go through this pain again. When Kat was little and she would hurt her finger with a paper cut or something I would close my eyes and say: “God, take away all of Kat’s pain and give it to Mummy” and she would feel happy. I wish with all my heart this could work today...

Hurricane Weekend
Posted By SLK on Monday, September 6, 2010
So here we were thinking of a wonderful holiday to Cape Cod for the long weekend only to be ruined by a hurricane red alert there followed by waiting till Thursday and then last minute cancellation on Friday..So we found ourselves with 3 long days ahead with Kat complaining that we NEVER do anything interesting and that this was going to be her worst weekend ever (she tends to get melodramatic most days!) and Kit following suit after closely watching Kat’s reactions.

Papa and I did feel terrible as we were looking forward to this last break before school starts but then we don’t usually go around driving at gusty winds of 125mph and more! So couldn’t blame the girls for feeling let down but when your feelings are mirrored in your kids, it makes you feel even worse, right? Papa and I then set on the task of entertaining them over the weekend and to make it fun for them in whatever way we could.

Italian beauty Friday (the afternoon we would have left – *sob*) evening we all went to an Italian place for dinner. Kat LOVES pasta – I can’t remember but I’m pretty sure it must be the first food word she learnt to say as well! As for Kit, she loves pizza when it comes to Italian but some fancy places don’t do pizza so ended up with pasta which was fine as some days she would rather be like Kat then be like Papa (he is such a Pizza person!) We had a leisurely dinner (so much so that at one time we thought the server had forgotten us!) and strolled back home – at one point, Papa kissed Kat and Kit froze in the middle of the street and said she was not going home. Eventually, she confessed that she was upset Papa had kissed Kat! The Final Jam The next 5 minutes were spent in the Kit and Papa game of “Who do you love more? Papa or Mummy or Kat?” while Kat and I walked back home – it’s so much fun to talk like an adult to Kat now. She is my big girl. Followed by the Premiere of Camp Rock II (The Final Jam) on tele, it was the end to a great Friday at home.

An apple a day keeps the doctor away? Well, if that was true our entire building is very fit and healthy now! Kit Kat went apple picking on Saturday and we picked so many apples (Gala only – family favourites) that we shared with everyone – the doormen, our neighbours, babysitter – it was a fun time we had between the hay ride, picking and the actual abundance of apples! On the way back, the car wash was a huge success and its always such a joy to watch Kit with her grin from ear to ear throughout the duration of the wash. In fact we got so carried away with the adventure that we got locked in and I had to manually let us out!
Apple picking
Kit has this fascination with Brooklyn Bridge. For the last few weeks, she has been talking about it ever so often that we finally decided to walk through it on Sunday. We’ve seen it a million times while driving but I guess walking makes all the difference. What a beauty it is – Kat got a bit tired especially when she saw Kit piggy back on Papa all the way back! Ate lunch in a roadside bistro where I fell in love with a Hibiscus drink while Kat had 2 tall glasses of a Bahama smoothie while Papa had something called Loomi. Brooklyn Bridge This trip ended with playtime in the park, climbing on rocks followed by Kat teaching Kit how to wish and throw pebbles in the water. It was such an adorable sight! The next half an hour was spent with all of us sitting there, simply throwing pebbles in the water and having a little competition...

What’s on the agenda today? Today will be Papa’s day as I need to get some things in order for school tomorrow. They will be going for a swim and to the park later. Oh yes, Kat wants a little manicure (a special treat before she starts school tomorrow) so I have to sort that one out later in the evening.

It was a nice weekend...sometimes things change for the better. I’m glad we didn’t make it to Cape Cod, hurricane or not – we spent some priceless, precious and happy moments together...