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Cruising islands & streets
Posted By SLK on Tuesday, July 20, 2010
Being on a cruise is great...loads of food, sun and fun all combined into one great ship! However it was a nice change to touch land when the ship docked yesterday for a few hours. The seniors (Kat and cousin) went kayaking with Papa whereas Kit and I went on a Hop on - Hop off bus tour of the land.

In the course of the trip, the tour guide pointed to an island so I explained to Kit.

Me: “Any land surrounded on all sides by water is called island, right?”

Kit nodded very seriously giving me the impression that she had understood the term perfectly. Little did I know that her little mind was already working on educating me?!

After a few moments we crossed the market square and Kit heard the tour guide say the word ‘Street’ so she looks at me pointedly and says:

Kit: “You know when something is NOT surrounded on all sides by water, what it is called?”

Me: (Confused as by now I had lost all interest in what the tour guide was saying – breakfast and sun have this effect on me!) “No”

Kit: (Satisfied to have been first with the answer) It’s called Street.

Oh..Allright! I’ll remember this then…!

Sit down to pee please!
Posted By SLK on Monday, July 19, 2010
When you have more than one kid, you get used to sending the younger one to the wrong sex bathroom till they get to the age where they understand things. So while Kat is now independent to go to the Ladies restroom on her own, Kit either ends up with me or Papa (totally depends on who is available)

So this is what happened on this last visit when Papa took Kit to the Men’s restroom – after Kit had finished the job and was occupied with the hand washing procedure, she looked up to see Papa (nature of these men’s urinals!).

Kit (very concerned and very alarmed): “Papa, you must sit down to pee. You cannot pee when standing. You cannot wet your pant!”

Papa (obviously had to finish what he had started!): “It’s ok Kit”

Kit (still upset): “No, but mummy will be very angry if you wet your pants” (!!)

Papa found this very funny and came back smiling from the loo. Kit, on the hand found this as a great tale to tell on Papa and did so right from the moment she saw me!

Moral of the Story: Kit is beginning to understand – restrooms should not be mixed…

My twin sister
Posted By SLK on Saturday, July 17, 2010
As we get ready to leave for our first ever Cruise today (Yippee!), it seems the kids are getting even wilder than ever. Their games of tag, hide and seek have reached new levels and there is renewed energy in everyone (excluding me – I am exhausted with all the packing because as always I am not travelling light but carrying more than I should be!)

The one time when I see Kit Kat really in love with each other is when they pack their doll clothes for a holiday. They do it with so much love, its unbelievable…you would think they never fight with each other. Such cooperation, such understanding – impressive!

Such was the interaction today that Kit was beaming from ear to ear when she came running to me.

Kit: “I love my sister” (the my sister reference is only made on special occasions)

Me: “Very good” (relieved to hear something happy on such a busy day!)

Kit: “We are sisters. We are twins. She loves me and I love her. That’s why!”

Before I could say anything to Kit, she was off, content to have a twin sister whom she loves for the next few seconds at least!

Puny is in
Posted By SLK on Monday, July 12, 2010
Kit Kat’s much awaited favourite cousin is finally here! He’s 13 yrs old and so far (since yesterday!) the kids have been adorable together although Kit has double (triple) confirmed her age as if confused why she’s only 3 yrs old yet when everybody else seems to getting older faster? Maybe it is this mature interaction that has led to a new word since she has got up this morning – “Puny”

Everything I am showing her is getting this ultimate compliment! Everything is puny.

When I showed her the pretty dresses that her Aunt had sent – her dramatic response (with her hands clasped and eyes wide) was – “Mummy these are puny!” When she saw my confusion, she interpreted that as ignorance and defined puny as skinny and pretty…wow! When I then showed her the books we had bought from last evening – again the same comment – Puny!...same with some other stuff.

Now I’m really looking forward to asking her the one ultimate question after a few moments…Kit how does mummy look? Fingers crossed for hmmm...puny…pretty and skinny?!!

Chewing gum & Stones
Posted By SLK on Saturday, July 10, 2010
Kit is slowly discovering the sweetness, greatness and joys of CHEWING GUM. Kat loves it already and always has some stashed away in all her travelling purses, big or small (a girl may need it anytime!) Now, here enters the hysteric mum, ME – I have this phobia that if kids swallow gum – they will choke. For a long time, I also believed that swallowing gum could give you stones in the belly!

Both Kat and I have told Kit that chewing gum is medicine so every time she wants it, she asks for Kat’s medicine. She’s just had one and spit it out in a few seconds (stones in belly!) and she has that intoxicated look on her face. She’s running around the room saying she’s just had the medicine and it tastes yummy but the way she’s saying it with her arched eyebrows and hushed voice, I’m so sure she’s kidding ME!