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A new version of Windows
Posted By SLK on Wednesday, August 11, 2010
Kit is on a windowsill decoration spree for her room since 7:00am this morning. Sounds good? RIGHT! The only problem is that all the decorations are being smuggled from my room...gone are the little somethings I shared with Papa...can’t see my Mickey Minnie anniversary ornament...or my Horny Devil cushion that I gifted Papa a decade ago...or the little knick knacks that my eyes are used to in general but my mind is forgetting at this moment and of course – my 3 Weight Watcher books are MISSING! Kit has a huge obsession with those – is it the size of those books or what? What makes them so appealing? The fact that they seem inseparable to me?

Like a little squirrel, scurrying away with my things one by one, carrying more than her little hands can carry…eyes darting from side to side making sure that I’m not watching her, Kit has slowly transferred majority of my room into hers or so it seems…

Now that she is content with all the treasures, this is what a visit to the decorated windowsill reveals...all my stuff against a backdrop of (Yes, you guessed it!) my WW BOOKS! (Where IS the appeal in those?)

A new version of Windows

The lonely tap with no friends
Posted By SLK on Thursday, August 5, 2010
Today was Roof Tank Cleaning Day – normally this day is insignificant, it comes and goes and the notice in the concierge which reads No water between the hours of 0900 and 1500 has little or no meaning whatsoever. However, in the SUMMER HOLIDAYS this day has a different meaning altogether – this means super duper rush to get all water jobs completed before 9!

So, after the task of waking Kat up was achieved successfully (Kit was no issue at all!), we set upon the water jobs. As I was helping Kit with her teeth, I was a bit distracted and was also trying to explain to Kit about the roof tank cleaning in a simple way…

Kit: “There will be no water today?”

Me: “Some people need to clean the tank on the roof. They will turn the water on after some time and it will come from here (pointing to the tap)”

The second I said the word Tank I knew I had made a mistake because now I had a million questions ahead and this brush job would never get done. Tank reminded her of fish now!

Kit: “Tank? What tank? Water is in tank? There is tank on roof? We have fish in tank, right?”

Me (thinking she looks cute when she screws up her nose like that but I just can’t get the job done this way): “We have to finish brushing or people will go up and switch the water off and there will be no water. Your choice.”

Kit was now very confused. She looked at the tap and touched it: “People will go up. Go up? From where? Here?”

I was eyeing Kat at the same time so I said YES without looking at Kit.

When I didn’t hear any sound (either of teeth being brushed or Kit fidgeting), I looked again at Kit who was still staring at the tap: “How can they go up to the roof from here. This is too small!”

Me: “Oh Yes, it is! Which is why they take the elevator instead…Now come on.”

I then dragged Kit Kat along to breakfast with one last look at the tap and thinking how weird it would look if someone actually did drop out of it! (No offence Santa Claus…we still do the carrots, cookies and milk every year – PROMISE!)
The tap with no friends

God made us Sisters, Hearts made us friends
Posted By SLK on Tuesday, August 3, 2010
After many tears and emotional blackmail, Kat managed to move out into her own room (well, it’s actually our guest room converted into her room) a couple of months ago. There were a lot of “this is mine”, “that is mine” type of arguments and with Kit it was simple – everything Kat touched belonged to Kit that very instant! In the end, it was a peaceful separation with Kit Kat now having their own space (and surprisingly less arguments over lost belongings). Both of them, however, continue to make rounds in each other’s room to scavenge whatever they can!

Since the move, the one thing that Kit loves to do in the morning is that if she sees Kat’s door is closed, she will quietly sneak into her room and face the big question – should she nick some dolly clothes at this ripe moment when all is clear and confess to me in the other room with that innocent face? Or should she simply lie down with Kat and bug her?

Some days it’s the dolly clothes for which Kat’s anger surfaces as and when the discoveries are eventually made…Other days she will make her comfy position alongside unsuspecting Kat, put her thumb in her mouth and start feeling Kat’s ear! This will get an INSTANT reaction.

Kat will jump up on the bed with “Eeww! Disgusting! Mummy take her away from here. She hasn’t even brushed her teeth and she’s breathing on me! She even smells of pee” (She still uses this on Kit from her nappy days when she did smell in the morning – not fair!)

This will instigate Kit to snuggle up even further with Kat, in an attempt to aggravate the situation further while whining like a puppy at the same time. Then the kicking will start (Kit really is a striker!) followed by the final insult to injury in a sing-song voice – “You smell of poo poo”

At this point, I find it most useful to scoop Kit away and lock her up with me in the bathroom (despite her attempts at taking revenge with Kat) with stories of Megan & Gruffalo to somehow get the toothbrush process started while Kat locks herself in hers for endless moments of hair brushing! On the way to the bathroom with Kit, something on the wall between their rooms makes me smile… “God made us sisters, Hearts made us friends”
God made us Sisters, Hearts made us friends

Girls fully awake now – Good Morning all!!

Jump rope Stunt
Posted By SLK on Wednesday, July 28, 2010
After kissing some/any available part of Papa’s face in the morning (he’s in such a rush – tilting the Starbucks mug to pick the newspaper or leaving it altogether, taking the spare house keys when he shouldn’t, fighting with the main door unnecessarily!) I finally land on my office chair, slave to my desktop for the next several hours…and guess who wakes up at 6:45am to give me company? KIT!! No matter what time I put her to sleep she’s nice and early to start her day. No caffeine needed – fully recharged after sleep – just like that!
Jump rope stunt with Step Stool
After several unsuccessful attempts at getting my attention, she decides to go back to her room. I keep the video monitor on (it’s comforting that way but now that she’s out of range it is beginning to worry me!)

Kit comes running to me finally (panting): “I need a jump rope.”

Me: “Why?”

Kit: “So I can practice jumping”

When you are on the phone, you are really not in the mood to get into an argument with a 3.5 yr old that 7:30am is not the best time to practice jumping with a jump rope and definitely not inside a house! So I give in and this is what I see when I go to the cupboard to get the jump rope…

The step stool which is kept in the kitchen has been carried all the way to the storage cupboard and Kit has tried to stand on it and has even used her Tinker Bell brolly (usually hanging in this cupboard, now lying alongside the box at the top!) to bring the box with the jump rope forward. Maybe her aim was to somehow get the box down? And then what? Have it land on her head? This box at the top is quite heavy – thank God for little mercies!

Jump rope is down, step stool back in kitchen and Kit can be seen jumping in the video monitor. Phew! I’m left wondering if I should just forget about it all and drink that Baileys we have chilled in the fridge – it did say ‘With a hint of coffee’ on the bottle…I do feel I need a different sort of caffeine this morning!

Mission accomplished
Posted By SLK on Wednesday, July 7, 2010
Its morning time again…Kat is getting ready to go to camp (not really actually as rankings at camp not going too well and her wrist is hurting too – why do I hate such mornings?) Kit has literally transferred her entire bedroom full of toys into mine and is now seated on my bed (which was done a minute ago and is now undone again) with her teddy bears and dolls and is reading out of my novels (again!) and asking me every now and then what the words mean…

Now, Kat's Tennis camp has a door to door bus service (what a blessing!) but for the last 10 days or so, the driver has been arriving at our ‘door’ before us and I should be happy but I’m not. Both Kat and I like to arrive before the bus so we get our little talk time before the goodbyes but this big but sweet driver seems to coming earlier and earlier every day so no matter how much we plan ourselves, we’re always late! Yesterday, when inspite of everything we were still late and Kat saw the obvious disappointment on my face, she promised she would spend less time in the bathroom today…

This morning both of us were on a MISSION. We had to do it. In between quick breakfast and quick everything (even Kit sensed the urgency it seems – she left us alone for a decent record time!) I even got a compliment from Kat – I decided to wear an old short skirt and T-shirt today (38° C/100° F) and Kat said I looked smart (Wow! this translates into stunning I think!! – Weight Watchers – are you there??)
Anyhow, I put her sun block while she did her hair and I put socks on her while she put her shoes – she pressed the elevator with her bag hanging off her shoulders while I unloaded myself out of the house with her racquet and Crash! Bang! Slam! Boom! we were out…Finally we made it to the lobby without any interruptions en route… and hey WE DID IT!!

I did a little victory dance with Kat and we sat outside for a few moments before the bus wheeled in and Kat made me promise not to say anything to the driver or kiss her in front of her bus mates (Wonder why?!!)