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Magical Powers
Posted By SLK on Thursday, January 27, 2011
Getting Kit and Kat to agree on the same thing at the same time is not a minor feat.

Kat (who has over the years silently and uncomplainingly become the more mature one or maybe it has to do with the lets give up to this overdramatic sibling of mine syndrome) is usually the one who will quietly agree to give in to Kit’s strange (sometimes atrocious) demands and at times, I must admit I am amazed that Kat actually has the patience to listen to Kit and her nonsensical (at times comical wishes)!

Just today Kit started a whole drama because she wanted me to give Time Out to Kat as she believed Kat had hurt her on purpose (this whole “on purpose” thing has great consequences in our household for Kit Kat!!) – What a drama ensued – it got blown out of proportion (everything is super blown when there is a SNOW DAY and no babysitter...I lost patience, Kit got crazy...I got crazier but then finally...Kat came to the rescue:-)

Kat's Magical Powers She has this soothing voice which Kit listens to like a puppy – no matter how angry Kit is (even at Kat) – she will respond to that voice...lo behold! In an instant, an out of control Kit is soothed by the magical powers of a sister – and I watch them both become friends again as quickly as the fight began. I am alienated (yet again!) but am truly thankful for these precious moments that save my sanity - Thank you Kat!

We are back to lunch – turkey sandwiches, egg etc...

Kat: “I don’t like Sun on Top (referring to the egg)”

Kit: “I love it!”

Kat: “I don’t. I think it’s disgusting. (We have gone through numerous lessons never to refer to food as the d word but obviously it’s not helping…)”

Kit: “You never yuck somebody’s yum

Kit’s sentence made Kat and me laugh. It was such a clever sentence. Since then Kat and I have been using this sentence in our day to day talk. Such a beautiful way of expressing an honest thought.

Have to go back to bed tonight and pray for school tomorrow. Cannot have another Snow much snow can January handle?

Happy Birthday Kit!
Posted By SLK on Friday, November 19, 2010
I am amazed that I have not written for over two weeks. In fact I am amazed that I have managed to get anything done except celebrate Kit’s birthday...YES! Pink cake, pink icing, pink everything...and Kit is now 4!

Such a long awaited, spreading over 2 weeks celebration finally ended with a grand finale this Sunday and Kit is already looking forward to her next one (I am aching from all the running around and of course belly hurts from all the yummy cake(s) – trying not to think about the endless miles on the treadmill!!)

There definitely is something magical about this age. The more I look at her, the more I want her to remain this age. The bond between the sisters is so tender now, especially because Kit is beyond the ‘find all, break all’ stage and Kat is so thankful for that!

Happy Birthday Kit

This birthday was the first time when Kat shelled out her pocket money to buy gifts for Kit. It was spent on two Barbie movies (Barbie dolls not allowed here but movies are ok), an Ariel colouring book, a Pinkalicious book and a magic wand (this last one was actually our gift but Kat made it ‘her’ gift – cheeky!)

This 4th birthday was also the first time we did something totally different – we did a birthday colour coded Scavenger Hunt! It was so much FUN – we hid all of Kit’s presents and she spent the first hour finding them and the look on her face when she discovered them one after the other was priceless...she insists we do the same next year :- )

Kit’s school made her birthday extra special too. They celebrated a ‘Celebrate Me’ Week in school for her and every day was so special for Kit. She took something from home to share with her class for circle time. One day was the Tooth Fairy Box, then her first baby clothes and our holiday scrap book. I got to do healthy breakfast with the class one day followed by a favourite story...and a class project another day. So exciting it all was - It never ceases to amaze me how teachers can cope with 18 children all of the same inquisitive, always hyperactive minds of 3-4 year was hard enough to simply be a guest reader for precisely 5 minutes!!

Birthdays are so special for little ones – I still love to spoil them on theirs. I remember how I used to love mine and was so depressed on the evening of my birthday thinking it would be another year before the next one...It is so true – you do see your own childhood reflected in your children – they do make all the nice things last so much longer. God bless!


Care for some tea?
Posted By SLK on Friday, August 27, 2010
Arrived! The most beautiful porcelain tea set Kit Kat have ever owned. We gifted one to Kat a couple of years ago but it was tiny and now that the girls want to have real tea parties, they wanted to have slightly bigger tea cups. The one Kat owned was kindly passed over to Kit who broke almost all of it on the first day (probably in the excitement of actually having something so close to real!) that now only the tea service basket remains... Kat even went to the extent of asking if she could borrow my Wedgewood which threw me off a bit so I immediately went online and got them their own (if Kat wants to do something, she will get around to doing it eventually and I LOVE my Wedgewood to this day)

I was surprised (yet again!) at how clever Kit has become at picking things online – she knows just how to dart her eyes in the right directions till she’s found what she needs in the least amount of time and she will point her sticky little fingers and touch the screen gleefully with “Can I have that one, pleeeeese?”.

And yet again, I was surprised at the collection Amazon has and tried my best to stick to the Super Saver options but the girls don’t understand, do they? They had to choose a different seller whose tea service looked (in my opinion, wee bit) smarter (shipping dearer of course) and Kat is now that age where she reads all (literally ALL) user comments before making a purchase online SO after much frustration, occasional nodding off (me, who else here is suffering from lack of sleep?), thumb sucking (when Kit got tired of Kat reading everything, we ordered a tea set and I just hoped that it would be the right size as sending a tea set back is not my cup of tea (no pun intended!)

Tea Service for Two

It arrived yesterday and it was a beauty – the girls had their first grown up tea party yesterday with hot chocolate in the teapot, cold milk in the milk pot and sugar where it should be...this one actually has 2 serving plates which were decorated with fresh sandwiches, choc chip cookies and a slice of cake (compliments me) – the girls had a hearty tea with some vague background music playing from Kat's iTunes in her room followed by Kat playing Piano while Kit sang ‘Part of my World’ from The Little of those rare sisterly evenings which last for over 5 minutes!