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Expression of love
Posted By SLK on Tuesday, July 13, 2010
Its probably the age difference between the two but its true that Kit is more drawn towards kids little bit older than her and tends to address all else as baby. On some days this is not an issue but when Kat is not in the mood and needs her space, this causes major conflict in our house (and the only person who can resolve this is Papa – as I lose my patience in this ongoing war.)

While on other occasions Kat is perfectly happy to express her anger at Kit and its retaliation, its interesting how this suddenly becomes unacceptable with the arrival of their cousin! He is very patient with Kit and she loves him and he’s a wonderful change for her too – someone who is not involved in the day-to-day combat. But…this bonding suddenly worries Kat and the best possible side effect is that it helps rekindle Kat’s love for Kit!

Kit is blissfully unaware of all this…she is only having fun with her recently picked phrases of “Come on guys” and “Got ya”.

Once in a while their cousin makes her come back to Kat and say: “Kat, I love you and I want you to play with me” which makes us all laugh as immediately after that she says “he made me say it” pointing to him (comically). So typical! So Kit!

Having another child does add another dimension to your life…to your relation with them. Its fun for now…they’ve finished playing viola and are playing hide-and-seek. I can hear Kit saying: “Give me your voices” (She says this when she can’t find them in a few seconds!)

Puny is in
Posted By SLK on Monday, July 12, 2010
Kit Kat’s much awaited favourite cousin is finally here! He’s 13 yrs old and so far (since yesterday!) the kids have been adorable together although Kit has double (triple) confirmed her age as if confused why she’s only 3 yrs old yet when everybody else seems to getting older faster? Maybe it is this mature interaction that has led to a new word since she has got up this morning – “Puny”

Everything I am showing her is getting this ultimate compliment! Everything is puny.

When I showed her the pretty dresses that her Aunt had sent – her dramatic response (with her hands clasped and eyes wide) was – “Mummy these are puny!” When she saw my confusion, she interpreted that as ignorance and defined puny as skinny and pretty…wow! When I then showed her the books we had bought from last evening – again the same comment – Puny!...same with some other stuff.

Now I’m really looking forward to asking her the one ultimate question after a few moments…Kit how does mummy look? Fingers crossed for hmmm...puny…pretty and skinny?!!

Chewing gum & Stones
Posted By SLK on Saturday, July 10, 2010
Kit is slowly discovering the sweetness, greatness and joys of CHEWING GUM. Kat loves it already and always has some stashed away in all her travelling purses, big or small (a girl may need it anytime!) Now, here enters the hysteric mum, ME – I have this phobia that if kids swallow gum – they will choke. For a long time, I also believed that swallowing gum could give you stones in the belly!

Both Kat and I have told Kit that chewing gum is medicine so every time she wants it, she asks for Kat’s medicine. She’s just had one and spit it out in a few seconds (stones in belly!) and she has that intoxicated look on her face. She’s running around the room saying she’s just had the medicine and it tastes yummy but the way she’s saying it with her arched eyebrows and hushed voice, I’m so sure she’s kidding ME!

Pain in the neck
Posted By SLK on Friday, July 9, 2010
Not that I am particularly keen on housework (especially during weekdays and definitely not close to Friday!) but I somehow managed to sprain my neck yesterday. When I mentioned this to Kit Kat last evening, I was given the ultimate massage therapy – Kit got me 3 of her doll blankets. She made me lie down on the sofa (actually she threw me down!) and then my neck was covered in one blanket, torso in one and the legs in another (were the blankets small or mummy huge?) After that my neck was massaged with tiny fingertips like fluttering butterflies…mixed with occasional kisses. I was even offered a book for a pillow – perfect!

Later, Kat offered to rub an ointment for me and I casually remarked “Thanks Kat but medicine is too strong. Papa can do it for me when he comes back home.”

Both Kat and I knew I was referring to the smell (like you walk down the street and everyone knows you have it on!) but Kit being Kit said: “I can do it! You mean it’s strong, very heavy? I can do it for you mummy.”

When Kat and I couldn’t control our giggles at Kit’s innocence, she too joined in…happy to have made us happy!

Kumon Sisters
Posted By SLK on Friday, July 9, 2010
For all of you who are not familiar with Kumon, it is a Maths and reading program that has worked brilliantly with Kit Kat (so far). Kat started when she was four and as Kit tends to do everything that Kat does and having the second child syndrome makes it easier to some extent, she started at 3 years. Kumon is based on repetition and may or may not work for some kids but I like to think that it works for my girls. When Kat was younger, she took to it like duck to water but then came the nasty long divisions over and over again and then the fractions and she seemed to be stuck in certain levels forever! All said and done, Kat is over some difficult blocks but the most challenging job for all of us is to complete a sheet (and 2 for Kit as she does Reading too) every single day.

While Kit is always excited to do her Kumon (as hers is so colourful with pictures and large sized numbers – she’s only in Junior Kumon) and although Kat got a Kumon Golden Mathlete Star recently, she always has to be inspired to do hers (I don’t blame her!) The one inspiration that always works is if I get them both to do it together – from a work and seriousness scenario, this is not an ideal situation but is a win-win for everyone so I let them carry on…and this is how the sisters get on with it!

Kumon Sisters

The minute I announce that Kit Kat will do Kumon together, I seem to initiate a race for who will grab Kumon folder first. So far so good I think. Then come the manipulations…

Kat, who mostly has some errors from last evening’s worksheet (which needs to be corrected before today’s sheet and fearing that Kit will win the race if she starts work first): “Honey, can I correct my work while you wait?” And she gives Kit a hug and a kiss. Oh my God! Such drama…BOTH my girls!

Kit smiles back “Sure. I’ll wait” and she waits with such admirable patience that I am amazed. Not so much as drawing a line on the paper. Sitting staring at her work waiting for Kat to edit her mistakes. Commendable!

Once Kat finishes her mistakes, they are back on the race. Kat likes to hum while doing her Kumon and Kit gets irritated.

Kit: “Mummy, can she stop singing? I can’t concentrating” (That’s a new word for her)

Kat finds this funny and starts laughing and I remind her that as the work is being timed and if she gets more than 3 mistakes because of lack of her concentration, we all will be laughing at her and she sobers up!

Kit continues in her high pitched voice and Kat is easily distracted as Kit has this habit of questioning everything with a “Why?” I remind her that this is not story time but Kumon. Every now and then I get “I’m tired…” then followed by “Can I do four sheets today?”
I nod to everything to keep things moving and its working so far.

On the other hand, I think all Kat is doing is looking over at Kit’s work making sure she is not leading her in any way.

When I see this, I question her age over and over again!! She finds this funny and she is in one of her moods and tells us to look at her burp out the ABCs and she actually does it!

Kit’s reaction is “It’s disgusting!” and she screws up her nose in a really interesting way.

I second her opinion and we both tell Kat to continue her work.
Kit tells me “She’s not listening to you, is she?”(Why does she have to say it so loudly?)

As was obvious from the level of concentration today, Kit finishes her sheets before Kat and just then Papa calls. Kit starts her long story of Kat’s complaints as usual…while Kat continues and completes her work between stares of disbelief at both me and Kit.

Kumon session is FINALLY over!