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Posted By SLK on Thursday, September 30, 2010
I have not been hibernating – school life with two kids has simply been too overwhelming. Right, there is no other way to put it - OVERWHELMED. I have just been here doing nothing outside the ordinary and Kit Kat have hopped from one activity to the other at school, Kit has learnt some amazing skills in her brand new class, there is no much energy in our house after school hours that I am simply basking in its love during the day…before more rushes in after school! I simply cannot keep up with their schedules during school hours and outside along with mine and am learning new skills I never knew I had!

Although dealing with Kat is always a pleasure as she’s that age where you can communicate like a friend and there is always a humour that is appreciated. It can also be a bit of ‘hitting your head against the wall’ situation when everything you say generates “I don’t care’ answer which drives me up the wall most days. Other days, I don’t care either...and then we make up and sorry etc – we’re ok – Kat is a nice girl just with her bad and good days – we both are learning and are working on finding the best way to communicate with each other! The good news (apart from that her hair is growing!) is that Kat is loving 5th grade so study/teacher wise she’s very happy for now which means a major precipitating fight factor is out of the way (phew!)

My Super STAR Kit has been a super duper STAR in school. She is having an unbelievable time. She is coming home with endless stories (dominated with detailed lunch menus) of the day, her teachers, her friends. She is slowly learning the art of best friends, sharing friends, not hurting feelings etc. It is such a joy to see her mouth phrases like “its ok if I play with her too? One person can have 2 friends, right?” or “she is my best friend but I play with xyz too.”

Of course, the highlight of the day is the round trip on the school bus – she is happy to be just like Kat!

Sparkles on the wall Kit is learning to do (and even remembers to say!) collage and by the way we now have beaded necklaces hanging from almost every doorknob in the house...and she continues to make them every day! I get some work of art from school daily which we proudly hang all over the walls...

The next week at both their schools is so busy – we have Meet the Faculty evenings at different days and then there is an interesting Pajama Party at Kit’s school! We have to dress up in our Pajamas and go to Kit’s school and listen to stories and have cookies – siblings not allowed so Kat is not very happy (understandably)...

I better make sure I put the dates in the right order and don’t walk up to Kat’s school on Meet the Faculty evening in PJs, soft toy and slippers – so much for being overwhelmed…lets get cracking on getting this calendar and head right!

Kat wants s'more
Posted By SLK on Thursday, September 23, 2010
With loads of dirty clothes, leg cramps from intensive rock climbing, over exhaustion and SO many wonderful memories and stars in her eyes – KAT IS BACK!

Kat made Apple Cider As a special treat, I went downstairs to pick her up after bus drop off (she’s normally a big girl but yesterday was a well deserved special treat) and the first thing I noticed was that she had grown taller (I mean is that really possible? only 2 nights?) Now I know why Grandma and Granddad mention this every time they see Kit Kat (and they get to see them every few months) and I look at the girls up and down wondering if they’ve really gained height? Apart from that, Kat looked so tired BUT happy. Her pink bag looked dirty pink now (I’m a mum – can’t help noticing these things at first glance, can I?) and everything that she could not fit inside was now outside in smaller bags like extra sneakers, medicines and so we both struggled upstairs with a bag filled with *sigh* dirty clothes, sleeping bag, backpack, three smaller bags (which were originally inside the pink bag) plus a bottle of Kat made Apple cider AND non stop chatter!

Kit had (yet another) beaded necklace as a welcome gift ready for Kat and after a few hugs and kisses later, the novelty of having Kat home was over for Kit. She could not understand what the fuss was about and was back to her books and dolls. Drama over!

Yummy S'mores (photocredit Kat had an amazing time it seems – they made their own lunch, campfires. They also had ‘make your own pizza’ dinner one night. Kat was in charge of cleaning dishes for the group one mealtime so she was eager to show me her skills last night – very good, very impressed! Her apple cider was delicious... One thing Kat cannot stop talking about are the s’mores – they used to make them every night and she goes on and on about the roasted marshmallows and melted chocolate…followed by the astronomy lessons (a moonlight walk) and then lying on mats to look up at stars and talk about constellations – how cool is that?

Back to school today and then tennis after school – back to the grind – fun filled camp fire nights with flash light led walks back to the lodge are over - Kat wants s’more...

Kit's Kumon Challenge
Posted By SLK on Wednesday, September 22, 2010
Starting Kumon was a big adventure for Kit – of course anything that Kat does and Kit gets to copy is always an achievement. The difference of years is never really an issue with her. There's always a shortcut to everything!

It was a bit of a setback when Kit realised that her Maths sheets in Kumon involved counting big red dots instead of numbers (like Kat) when she got them for the first time a few months ago – however, the situation has now changed – she wishes those dots would come back once more! Yes, Kumon is wonderful for children at this early age and it has been a tried and tested formula in our home for Kat (she needs the repetition) but Kit is finding the new sums a bit of a challenge at the moment.

Kit's Kumon Challenge Every time I sit down with her, she will start looking outside the window instead of looking at the sheets. Exasperated, I will ask, “Kit, why are you so interested in looking at the world?” To this question, Kit will (painfully slowly), unglue her eyes from the window and look at me and say, “Because, I don’t know much about the world, that’s why mummy. I want to know more about it, that’s why I look at it.”

Me: “When you go to school, will you look outside the window even then?”

Kit: “No, I will go to school to play. Then I don’t want to see the world.”

Basically, this interaction means that the current set of Kumon operations are little bit challenging and Kit is finding ways to avoid them. Any kind of work that takes time at this age usually means either too boring or over head transmission. In her case, it is bit of both as when I really get upset, all answers come pouring out of the brain like magic and work gets done unbelievably quickly! Just like that.

Right now, it’s a wait and watch game – where she sees the world from our apartment window and I watch her till she’s done with it…this transition from dots to numbers to sums IS a challenge. Kat did it and so will Kit. All in good time I tell myself. All in good time...
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School Trip Already?
Posted By SLK on Monday, September 20, 2010
School trip already? Pretty in pink with pink luggage, pink Three Cheers for Girls sleeping bag AND pink backpack, Kat is off to a 3 day school trip to study astronomy, creative writing and make apple cider. The last time she went (the focus was on bugs that time!), it was her first time away from me and we spent ages preparing for the trip. This time it's been a breeze for her - they do grow up so quickly, don't they? Sadly, I haven't changed much - I went through the packing list ten times and packed and repacked countless times. I am still trying to remember the item I must have forgotten to vain!

Three Cheers for Girls
Right till this morning, every time I mentioned the word ‘packing’, Kat ducked away somewhere in the fear that I would make her go through the list and the items yet once again!

Beaded necklace for Kit Kat has apologized to me already - seeing my near crazy behaviour perhaps, she has assured me that from last time's experience she is sorry but she is positive that she will not miss me this time. She has not asked me to write any notes for her this time but she took the necklace that Kit made for her in her new school (in fact, she wore it as a bracelet as it was made from wire and hurt her a bit...)

Kat's school trip coincided with Kit's first bus journey to school so it was an exciting day for both of them and too much adrenaline for me. Kat has texted me twice – not to tell me that she misses me (*sob*) but to let me know that some mini highlighters are on half price sale in the local bookstore and that it might be a good idea to buy them for her! Cheeky...

Kit is excited about her unrestricted and unlimited access to Kat's room although Kat has given her some very clear instructions. To be fair, Kat did however, give her favourite teddy bear to Kit this morning on loan for 3 days to which Kit immediately responded “Can I have it forever pleeeeese?” Kat smartly ignored her and moved on.

While Kat is away, I will try and not jump at every phone that rings in these next 3 days and will try and sleep at night too. It will be Wednesday soon and our house will be filled with the familiar oohs and aahs of the brilliant time spent with friends. Of course, the first thing Kat will ask for after hugging us all is her favourite marble cake... then she will check the damage to her room…and then we’ll be back to where we started!

My girl has migraine?
Posted By SLK on Thursday, September 9, 2010
My threshold of pain is reasonably good, in fact it’s very good BUT when it comes to a bad migraine I just don’t know how to handle it. Give me childbirth and I will breeze through it (Ok fine, the epidural helps) but although I’m a chronic migraine sufferer and I’ve known migraine since I started middle school and I do (and should) know how to live with it by now, this is one kind of pain I cannot absolutely bear. SO, it totally BROKE my heart when KAT called me from school yesterday crying incessantly and saying that her head hurt so much on one side and that she was nauseous too. It was almost home time by now and I think it was a build up of the whole pain by this time that led her to cry (I used to do it when I was a kid).

I know this feeling too well. My heart sank. Kat is very strong – she is my big girl in school – she never cries so it must really hurt. The nurse had only called me 30 minutes ago asking me if it was okay to give her some pain reliever and I thought it was just a regular headache (sometimes when they are tired they go up to the nurse) and she agreed. Then Kat went up to her locker room and called me and cried. Her school is around 30 minutes away by car so even if I/Papa wanted to bring her back, it was simpler for her to get back in the school bus (as it was home time anyway).

Once on the school bus, I called her again but she just quickly spoke to me and said she wanted to rest as she could not bear the pain. I tried to get as much information as I could in those few bits of conversation so as to confirm it was the dreaded migraine. The symptoms were so damn similar to how I feel – the aura of a migraine, the whole nausea, the pounding on the head...Anyhow, I cancelled my physiotherapy for the knee and waited for Kat to come home (last minute cancellations never go down well – I could write a complete blog on that lady who took my call and said “I will waive the late cancellation fee this time as I have other fish to fry” – can you believe that?) I even sent Kit to the playroom so there could be some quiet for Kat when she got home.

Kat's School Bus When Kat was dropped off, I got a call from her bus matron saying that I should pick her up from the lobby as she was crying – I rushed and as is always the case, it took me ages to get to the lobby from the 41st floor. Once there, Kat was waiting for me, crying – apparently she had puked on the bus and she was crying because she was embarrassed about it – no 5th grader pukes on the bus! She was worried about having made a mess on the bus and what everybody must have thought. I hugged and comforted her. Her new backpack was all messed up and she was shaken up so we both went upstairs. After a shower, more medication and some sleep, she felt much better but pain still there – so typical. For me, it was an evening spent cleaning all the messy bits when Kat slept and thanks to a magical cleaner, her backpack is good as new and great smelling again! Her bus matron called a bit later to check on her – she’s a real star. Kat got an email from another friend so she did feel a bit ‘wanted’ in the community in the end.

I will speak to her neurologist today and see what she says. School is off today so that is great news. Kat can rest and she also has a play date later today. We’ll see how she feels. Kat says she NEVER wants to go through this pain again. When Kat was little and she would hurt her finger with a paper cut or something I would close my eyes and say: “God, take away all of Kat’s pain and give it to Mummy” and she would feel happy. I wish with all my heart this could work today...