Kit for Kat!

Bad Mother
Posted By SLK on Monday, June 21, 2010   { 2 Comment(s) }
As usual Little Kit is awake just when I need to work at my office in the morning!

She is sitting on her little chair next to my big one trying to distract me from my work and I am getting very frustrated. She brings one toy after another and tries to force me into conversations with her.

She vanishes for a few seconds and comes back all decked up in bracelets and necklaces and announces (fluttering her eyelids!) “I want to be a mermaid please. I don’t want to be human”. I can’t resist giggling with her – she does look so funny – Kit is so much into Ariel, Melody and their entire clan, that Kat is always hiding DVDs from her fearing that she will have to watch them in the car with her.

Next she’s just brought out some book which she wants me to read with her. When I said “No” (and I hated myself for this – as it’s like “who says NO to a book?”) Kit said “Can I read it myself?”. This made me feel even worse but as I was so busy I said it was fine. So she carried on with some foreign language in the background and then when she realised she was getting nowhere with me, she made the most heart piercing statement ever. I will enroll her for drama lessons soon...I must!

Kit: “You’re not a good mother, are you?”

I froze. I stopped doing whatever I was doing and looked up at her dumbstruck. How on earth did she pick that one up? How does Kit know that? That was my darkest secret ever!!

That did it. That worked. She got me. I am with her reading to her now and I have an Everest of a task ahead of me but that can wait…I can’t be a ‘not good’ mother, can I?

2 Comment(s) to 'Bad Mother'

NP,  New York,  Saturday, July 3, 2010
this situation is so real! Living with guilt as a daily reality of a working mother...
Rose,  London,  Monday, July 5, 2010
So true! We are all struggling trying to achieve a balance - longing to be at home and work at the same time. Never an easy choice.

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