Kit for Kat!

I'm sorry...
Posted By SLK on Tuesday, June 22, 2010   { 0 Comment(s) }
Little Kit comes running to me after a peaceful hour of painting with Kat. She barges into the room and then sits down sulking (with her arms folded) on a little chair I have right next to my office desk.

Kit: “How do I make things better? I messed it up again! We have a big fight. How can I make it better?"
(She is probably referring to some fight they’ve had when painting when I was happily tapping away on the keyboard, probably thinking they had finally found their ways!)

My heart goes out to her when she looks at me with her big wide eyes and has that expression of a 3yo going to 10!)

Me: “Why don’t you go say sorry – all things can be turned right when you say sorry. Trust me” (Wish it was true, though!)

Kit: “Really?”

Me: “Yes” (this time with more conviction)

Kit barges out again (nothing gets done without extra action) and comes back with even greater excitement and surprise on her face!

Kit: “You were right! It worked. Thank you so much mummy. Thank you for saving my life! ” (This last phrase is something she has picked up from some princess story and loves to use ever so often!)

And I have kisses slobbered all over my face…she is gone with just the speed and force that she entered the room and I am left wondering if I learnt anything from the lesson that I have just taught her! Well, time will tell…

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