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Tell me the truth!
Posted By SLK on Wednesday, June 30, 2010   { 1 Comment(s) }
I am working in my room and can hear bits and pieces of a broken conversation between Kit and the babysitter in the next room.

Kit: “Are you lying to me? Tell me the truth.”

I find this very amusing because only the other day I caught Kit with a shark (toy one!) in her mouth in the bath and when I asked why she had put it in her mouth she said she hadn’t and we had a complete lesson on telling the truth and being honest etc. So here is little Madame trying to copy me with our babysitter!

I decide to peep in her room and here is what I find : Kit is perched at the top of the ladder of her bunk bed (top bunk now used only for toys as Kat decided she was too mature for bunk beds or even to share a room with Kit) comfortably seated on the top bunk. Babysitter sitting with a book and a bowl of Kiwi. She is having a laugh as she tries to pronounce ‘truth’ – our babysitter is Spanish and the t and r does not come naturally to her so she is having fun trying to say it together! Kit on the other hand is furious as she is losing her handle on this conversation when the babysitter laughs.

Kit then confirms with me if the babysitter is telling her the truth that eating Kiwi will make her hair grow long and cheeks pink? Well, well, well…here we go again! Don’t feel so good twisting benefits of a Kiwi for her just now (have done it for so many fruits and veggies for the last 10 yrs) especially when I know she doesn’t like Kiwi and is demanding the ‘truth’ up front!

…she is now happily munching an apple (still up on the ladder I think) while the babysitter reads a story from below!

1 Comment(s) to 'Tell me the truth!'

Alaka,  Bangalore,  Friday, July 2, 2010
Once upon a time a long time ago, Kit's mom could impersonate the baby prattle of a chubby-cheeked wonder...'I'M CHUBBY, i'M MY MAMA'S CHUBBY....'
Kit can only have inherited those genes...and Kits' mommy's friend is singing like the spanish babysitter'Que Sa-l-ah , Sa-l-ah whatevel will be will be...the not ouls to see....

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