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Rocking with Sunglasses
Posted By SLK on Thursday, July 1, 2010   { 0 Comment(s) }
I am so busy rushing around with Kat as its tennis camp time for 2 weeks and need to make it to the bus by 8:45am every day. Kit is aware and keeps out of our way (Bless her!)

We have this Glider rocker chair with Ottoman in the living room which both Kit Kat love to sit on and rock while I am busy in the kitchen. In summer when the blinds are not drawn, this chair gets plenty of sunshine too!

Rocking with Sunglasses

Today as I am rushing with Kat, little Kit comes to me a few times mentioning to me that the chair is very sunny. I ignore her and tell her to do something else as I am really tied up right now. She tries to move the chair (I can see from the corner of my eye) but gives up as it is too heavy for her little hands.

Then she disappears and I get busy with Kat and breakfast again. After a few minutes I just happen to glance at the chair and both Kat and I cannot believe what we see – Kit is fully relaxed on the rocker chair (lying down actually) with her little feet somehow reaching the Ottoman and she now has sunhat and sunglasses!

When her attempts at moving the chair did not work, she decided to get some sun protection – I must say – she did it in style – with PJs still on, the sunhat and sunglasses, did look adorable!

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