Kit for Kat!

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall...
Posted By SLK on Friday, July 2, 2010   { 0 Comment(s) }
Kat is that age right now where she is totally in love with herself. She might not be specifically happy with her hair etc but she is generally confident with her looks for now (thank God!) so most days (actually the days which are not school days) it is fun to see her pass by mirrors and windows and adjust her hair and smile at herself. Sometimes, she’ll look at herself and even wave and slide off just like they do in movies!
Other days (being the suspicious mum that I am trying to overhear whatever I can from outside the bathroom door), she says to herself “Aren’t you beautiful?”
(Mystery solved - This explains the extra time it takes to accomplish a simple task like – Go Brush Your Teeth)

Kit is not far behind – copying Kat comes naturally to her. Every time I get her ready for the day, she strains her neck to reach the mirror in the bathroom trying to see her hair and asks me – “Do I look pretty in this hair?”

Aside: Kat has hidden all the ‘adult’ hair bands in her cupboard as Kit mercilessly snaps them in two sometimes when she’s angry. Kit is unaware of this hiding place to this day…

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