Kit for Kat!

Stomach Elly
Posted By SLK on Saturday, July 3, 2010   { 0 Comment(s) }
Kit is a great lover of pancakes. Whether I make them good or bad, thick or thin or even buy McDonalds, she will love them and give me full marks by gulping all down one by one and “can I have more, pleeeease?” I think she has gone a bit too far today by having more than what her little tiny tummy can take (as today she even borrowed from Kat who experimented for the first time today!).

As I was getting things ready for our Berry picking day out today, she comes up to me with her characteristic sluggish walk when she’s full (arms down by her legs and walking like a monkey) saying “I think I’ve had too much today. I have a STOMACH ELLY”.

She meant a stomach ache but she was adamant that she had a stomach elly (which I think was a combination of stomach and belly?!) so we left it at that and Kit is now questioning me why she is wearing a blue T-shirt with the same shorts as Kat while Kat is wearing a pink one? Pancakes fully digested I think…

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