Kit for Kat!

I spy...
Posted By SLK on Tuesday, July 6, 2010   { 0 Comment(s) }
As usual, little Kit wakes up right after Papa goes to work and I'm thinking about doing some serious work. This morning Kit is especially playful - she wants to play I spy (at 6:50am!) Somehow, I drag my half dead, bone tired brain and body (this is what sleeping late and getting up early does to you?) to her room and decide that making the bed while playing the game is not such a bad idea.

...So while I am desperately searching for I spy things (and my mind is really not working) Kit is excitedly going on and on while sitting midway on the bunk bed ladder. (Some days we keep the ladder, some days we remove it – we’ve noticed that if we remove it, Kit climbs to the top of the bunk bed from the side like Spiderman anyway so now we keep the ladder for added safety!)

When she exhausts her word bank, she looks up at me shyly.. “ I spy.. a beautiful mother standing beside me”

...And I get my first hug of the day.

Sweetheart! Pain killer!

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