Kit for Kat!

Expression of love
Posted By SLK on Tuesday, July 13, 2010   { 0 Comment(s) }
Its probably the age difference between the two but its true that Kit is more drawn towards kids little bit older than her and tends to address all else as baby. On some days this is not an issue but when Kat is not in the mood and needs her space, this causes major conflict in our house (and the only person who can resolve this is Papa – as I lose my patience in this ongoing war.)

While on other occasions Kat is perfectly happy to express her anger at Kit and its retaliation, its interesting how this suddenly becomes unacceptable with the arrival of their cousin! He is very patient with Kit and she loves him and he’s a wonderful change for her too – someone who is not involved in the day-to-day combat. But…this bonding suddenly worries Kat and the best possible side effect is that it helps rekindle Kat’s love for Kit!

Kit is blissfully unaware of all this…she is only having fun with her recently picked phrases of “Come on guys” and “Got ya”.

Once in a while their cousin makes her come back to Kat and say: “Kat, I love you and I want you to play with me” which makes us all laugh as immediately after that she says “he made me say it” pointing to him (comically). So typical! So Kit!

Having another child does add another dimension to your life…to your relation with them. Its fun for now…they’ve finished playing viola and are playing hide-and-seek. I can hear Kit saying: “Give me your voices” (She says this when she can’t find them in a few seconds!)

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