Kit for Kat!

Sorry but these are not for sale
Posted By SLK on Friday, July 16, 2010   { 0 Comment(s) }
Its amazing how little dry time we have nowadays – I seem to be living out of the swimming pool these days with Kit Kat and my nephew. We’re either preparing to go to the pool, in the pool or fussing about the mess and the wetness we’ve created in the house because of it (me mostly – they’re not bothered) This situation is so similar to how I described my chronic migraine to the neurologist the other day (I’m either suffering from one, have just recovered or can feel one coming!)

Splash Bombs While Kat and her cousin are so busy having gladiator fights (?) and playing cricket with kickboards and noodles (thank God this is a residential pool and most times we don’t have other swimmers), Kit is only worried about her newly bought Splash Bombs. She is my little mermaid and swims beautifully on her own now and considering she’s only 3.5 years she does a remarkable job. She even streamlines into the water from both sitting and standing position and if she has an audience on deck – what a performance we all are honoured with!

Coming back to the Splash Bombs, these water toys have been the best gift Papa could have bought for her. Kit is totally in love with them and they help with her swimming as she throws them all over the pool and then swims to collect them. If any child gets hold of them, she gets all possessive and then eventually shares but for the last week, each and every session in the pool has been all about these funny squishy shapes that Kit has with her in her little orange bag!

Yesterday the big and funny lifeguard on duty was playing with Kit by throwing these toys in the pool for her every now and then. In the beginning, Kit played along but after some time she got suspicious of him and came and whispered in my ear:

“Mummy, I think he wants my toys. Sorry but these are not for SALE.”

The way all indoor pools are built, Kit’s whisper did not really sound like one and everyone heard it and it came out really hilarious.
We all had a good laugh (Kit included) and after some more fun and play (more grumbling about the dripping all of us), we were back home – ready for another splash another day!

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