Kit for Kat!

My twin sister
Posted By SLK on Saturday, July 17, 2010   { 0 Comment(s) }
As we get ready to leave for our first ever Cruise today (Yippee!), it seems the kids are getting even wilder than ever. Their games of tag, hide and seek have reached new levels and there is renewed energy in everyone (excluding me – I am exhausted with all the packing because as always I am not travelling light but carrying more than I should be!)

The one time when I see Kit Kat really in love with each other is when they pack their doll clothes for a holiday. They do it with so much love, its unbelievable…you would think they never fight with each other. Such cooperation, such understanding – impressive!

Such was the interaction today that Kit was beaming from ear to ear when she came running to me.

Kit: “I love my sister” (the my sister reference is only made on special occasions)

Me: “Very good” (relieved to hear something happy on such a busy day!)

Kit: “We are sisters. We are twins. She loves me and I love her. That’s why!”

Before I could say anything to Kit, she was off, content to have a twin sister whom she loves for the next few seconds at least!

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