Kit for Kat!

Sit down to pee please!
Posted By SLK on Monday, July 19, 2010   { 0 Comment(s) }
When you have more than one kid, you get used to sending the younger one to the wrong sex bathroom till they get to the age where they understand things. So while Kat is now independent to go to the Ladies restroom on her own, Kit either ends up with me or Papa (totally depends on who is available)

So this is what happened on this last visit when Papa took Kit to the Men’s restroom – after Kit had finished the job and was occupied with the hand washing procedure, she looked up to see Papa (nature of these men’s urinals!).

Kit (very concerned and very alarmed): “Papa, you must sit down to pee. You cannot pee when standing. You cannot wet your pant!”

Papa (obviously had to finish what he had started!): “It’s ok Kit”

Kit (still upset): “No, but mummy will be very angry if you wet your pants” (!!)

Papa found this very funny and came back smiling from the loo. Kit, on the hand found this as a great tale to tell on Papa and did so right from the moment she saw me!

Moral of the Story: Kit is beginning to understand – restrooms should not be mixed…

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