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Lip gloss affair
Posted By SLK on Saturday, July 24, 2010   { 0 Comment(s) }
We’re back! Kids can’t stop talking about the Cruise but one more mention of the C word and I’ll throw up… I mean how much food can a human see? There was SO much food everywhere (did someone mention Weight Watchers?) – They even had a complete chocolate dessert buffet on the last day (I think I’m going to faint now…)

On this trip I noticed that Kat has developed a distinct love for 2 things – her hair and lip gloss. She was sharing a cabin with her cousin and it was impossible to get her out of the bathroom on time any one day - hair had to be done to perfection only to be messed up by a naughty cousin hiding behind the door…and then the disappearance into the bathroom again! Lips had to glossed and then re glossed and then re glossed…all the way home!

Once we touched land (hurray!), Kit Kat were off to Toys R Us with Papa for some princess shopping for Kit as she’s been wearing the same Princess Aurora dress for the last 6 months it seems…and guess what? Kat returned with a new fashion lip gloss set complete with nail polish (Selena Gomez)! Oh Dear…

Lip Gloss again!

Kit is busy with a Dress Up trunk full of Princess costumes which is adorable and Kat as usual with her lip gloss (I hope it’s a fad and she will come around though I must admit they smell heavenly!) and I’m off to cook some real food now and get the family used to having less for dinner!
*whisper* we ate so much in the last 5 days, even if we skip meals for next week straight, we’ll all still be overweight…

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