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Mozart, Bach or Brahms today?
Posted By SLK on Monday, July 26, 2010   { 0 Comment(s) }
For the last 3 years or so, our piano has become a distinguished feature of the living room. Maybe it is this state of permanency that has given Kit the power to play it (or rather ape Kat and me) with such poise and ease? Whenever Kit gets a chance (especially when she hears Kat), she will overthrow anyone on the piano bench, seat herself, open her favourite piano music book (the one with pictures) and will start playing (she makes it a point to play with both hands so as to copy Kat and me to perfection) a melody while humming. All this is impromptu and the music and song have nothing to do with the open book as Kit cannot read music (yet!).

Last evening when a similar scene as above was enacted (Kit always likes an audience):

Kit: “Mummy, you like my song?”

Me (while clearing the room of toys, papers, dresses…): “I love it!”

Kit: “Does it make your heart come out?”

Me (now stopping to think): “What do you mean?”

Kit: “I mean does it make the pain go in and heart go out?”

Me: “Oh yes! It does”

Kit: “Good”

Kit, then very satisfied with the success of her concert, finished her piece and came back to me to help me clear the remainder of her stuff while I wondered if it would be simpler for the pain to go out and the heart to stay in? Or maybe it’s just an adult thing – we always complain!!

Piano with Kit's favourite music picture book

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