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Panda Victory
Posted By SLK on Thursday, July 29, 2010   { 0 Comment(s) }
Every once in a while, Kit Kat have these ownership issues with their soft toys. They have bigger, even more critical issues with their dolls but that can come in a separate post – too overwhelming to combine all in one!

Kat, being the older one is manipulative. She has all the nicer soft toys neatly stacked on the top of her study desk (she thinks this will keep them away from Kit’s reach?). Kit on the other hand has no preference – anything that Kat likes, she likes by default. It’s as simple as that! The instant Kat expresses feelings for any cuddly toy (and she does have preferences now that she’s 10!), Kit will immediately drop whichever one she’s holding and bond with the one Kat wanted saying “I love it so so much…”

Predictably, this will lead to arguments, snatching, tears…and even more online shopping!

Kat will always say something like “This is the only soft toy I love…so and so gave it to me and I really value it and now SHE has taken it” (glaring at Kit who will blissfully ignore her and whisper sweet nothings to her newly acquired victory and dramatise the whole thing to possibly anger Kat more?).

Every cuddly toy has a sentimental value for Kat – I wonder how she’ll ever get rid of them…

Today Kit has won a big Panda from Kat. To keep it safe, it has been further gifted to me (it gets very complicated to work here from home in the holidays!) – I have been given 2 pets to look after right next to my desk – Panda and Toot (some name for their baby elephant). Every now and then, Kit comes in to make sure they are safe with me and that Kat has not taken them away…to make her victory even more profound, she has Kat’s scarf around the Panda’s neck!
Panda & Toot Pets for me!

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