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iTunes on fire!
Posted By SLK on Friday, July 30, 2010   { 0 Comment(s) }
Kat is now totally hooked to her iPod when we go out for long drives – this Apple wonder has been lying around uselessly for the last 3 yrs but has only just been rediscovered here at our house! She is also now beginning to understand iTunes, how to sync songs etc and is generally becoming more computer savvy – as opposed to letting Papa be the computer geek every time.

So yesterday when Kat when to the library, she very excitedly came back with an audio book The Lightning Thief and decided to play it on her computer while sketching. Unfortunately I wasn’t home so excerpts of my conversation with her when she called me on my cell in panic:

Kat: “Mummy, when I put the audio book CD in, it comes up with an error message!”

Me (thinking it has something to do with the Dell guy who tinkered with the system the day before): “Just press Cancel if it asks you to do anything. Wait for me.”

Kat (really panicking now): “But it has no Cancel. Only OK button”

Me (hating putting you in the corner situations like this): “Right. Just read the error message to me”

Kat: “It says it’s trying to open iTunes and some files for CD burning software are missing from registry.”

Me (phew! Not that bad): “Just OK it and see”

Kat: “Yes it works! Thanks mummy and…”

Me: “Yes? Quick. Hurry”

Kat (whispering in the phone): “Its not going to burn iTunes, is it?”

Me: “What?” (Then finally realising that children take words for their literal meaning so very easily) “Burn means to copy. No, nothing will burn” (hopefully!)

Kat was relieved then and I came back home to find her glued to the desk happily sketching with the unscathed iTunes playing the CD in the background…

Lightning Thief & the Pink Desktop

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