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The lonely tap with no friends
Posted By SLK on Thursday, August 5, 2010   { 0 Comment(s) }
Today was Roof Tank Cleaning Day – normally this day is insignificant, it comes and goes and the notice in the concierge which reads No water between the hours of 0900 and 1500 has little or no meaning whatsoever. However, in the SUMMER HOLIDAYS this day has a different meaning altogether – this means super duper rush to get all water jobs completed before 9!

So, after the task of waking Kat up was achieved successfully (Kit was no issue at all!), we set upon the water jobs. As I was helping Kit with her teeth, I was a bit distracted and was also trying to explain to Kit about the roof tank cleaning in a simple way…

Kit: “There will be no water today?”

Me: “Some people need to clean the tank on the roof. They will turn the water on after some time and it will come from here (pointing to the tap)”

The second I said the word Tank I knew I had made a mistake because now I had a million questions ahead and this brush job would never get done. Tank reminded her of fish now!

Kit: “Tank? What tank? Water is in tank? There is tank on roof? We have fish in tank, right?”

Me (thinking she looks cute when she screws up her nose like that but I just can’t get the job done this way): “We have to finish brushing or people will go up and switch the water off and there will be no water. Your choice.”

Kit was now very confused. She looked at the tap and touched it: “People will go up. Go up? From where? Here?”

I was eyeing Kat at the same time so I said YES without looking at Kit.

When I didn’t hear any sound (either of teeth being brushed or Kit fidgeting), I looked again at Kit who was still staring at the tap: “How can they go up to the roof from here. This is too small!”

Me: “Oh Yes, it is! Which is why they take the elevator instead…Now come on.”

I then dragged Kit Kat along to breakfast with one last look at the tap and thinking how weird it would look if someone actually did drop out of it! (No offence Santa Claus…we still do the carrots, cookies and milk every year – PROMISE!)
The tap with no friends

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