Kit for Kat!

Pride and Joy
Posted By SLK on Friday, August 20, 2010   { 0 Comment(s) }
I am the bad cop around here and Papa is the good cop. He can never say ‘NO’ to the girls. If he feels something should be declined or taken away, some way or the other, I end up being the one who actions it and invariably I become the bad cop once again!

Kat has Papa wrapped around her little finger and Kit is surely learning FAST. They have this little game very day – Papa will come home and ask Kit – “Who do you love most, Papa, Mummy or Kat?” and Kit will raise her eyebrows, pretend to think, shrug, roll her eyes and then say – “Today is mummy day” or “Today is Kat day” and then Papa will pretend to cry and she will say “OK – today will be your day!” – then Papa will act crazy and do some jiggle wiggle and they will end up tickling each other – all this ending with five kisses for Papa – 2 cheeks, forehead, chin and lips – after all this love affair is FINALLY over, Kit will start her LONG list of complaints about Kat and how she never got those doll clothes or those books from Kat and how she pushed she wishes she could have all of Kat’s things – Oh my God! Such drama for a 3.5 year old!

Papa is also the Santa Claus for them because I am the one who will say ‘NO’ to most things so most demands are made to Papa who then treats them rather (un)wisely. Kat is obviously the more worrying one in her demands (as they cost more!) and also because Kit will only copy what Kat has which is a greater worry...Till now, it was simple, Kat would go to Papa – ask for something and then she would get it (eventually) BUT yesterday I noticed that Kat has reasonably matured in her perception of relationships – she came up to me and said:

Kat: “Mummy, I have noticed something about Papa”

Me: “And?”

Kat: “Papa always likes to give and all he wants is a little love in return.”

The moment of truth is here...I look at her and wonder if this is what an iTouch, iPad or iPhone 4 in quick succession do to you or is it just the realisation of his unconditional love that has finally dawned on Kat. We then also talked about how quickly his anger comes and goes and how he doesn’t mean a word of what he says (and we all agree on that). We discussed his other good and not so good points and in the end Kat decided he was the best Papa around!

It was a true heart to heart about her feelings for Papa – something we had never discussed before. So nice to see her grow up as a friend – she’s always standing tall right next to me every day after her shower; desperately trying to be my height...I so look forward to her years ahead! Our Kat, as we call her...our PRIDE AND JOY.

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