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Back to School
Posted By SLK on Monday, August 23, 2010   { 2 Comment(s) }
Loaded backpacks, lights out by 8:30pm, hopping from one after-school activity to the other – YES, the summer vacation will finally end in 2 weeks and YES, in spite of the exceptionally long break, I will miss having the girls home with me...I will miss the constant arguments, the ‘not so occasional’ kicking and punching (between Kit and Kat, of course!), the slamming of doors on each others' faces (they have been told so many times!), the never ending rounds of food being served all day long with the equally long (Kat *yawns*) stories of Ariel at the dinner table over and over again for Kit…YES I will miss all this when the girls go back to school.

This is also Kit’s first year (full time) at school so it’s an exciting year ahead for her and me...she’s excited about her new pencil case, her new friends, teachers...she feels she is one step closer to being Kat now... She chose her backpack online (along with Kat) yesterday. In fact, a task that both Kat and I thought would take just a couple of seconds took about half an hour! Kit could simply not decide – she has become so computer savvy, she moved the mouse with such ease to scroll up and down the screen that it took her ages to decide while Kat and I wondered where all this power had come from! Kat and I had preselected one backpack for her but Kit is so strong-headed, she selected the one that SHE wanted and in the end that is what I bought for her. Of course this upset Kat because she wanted Kit to have that one but Kit wanted this one (I’m just plain happy that Kit agreed not to have the rolling backpack and agreed on the preschool size – Imagine!!)

After much bickering, the girls are (finally) now looking forward to their personalised backpacks and I am wondering, maybe it is a great thing that they are going back to school and a week into school I will probably wonder how was I ever surviving with them both with me 24/7?

Back to school

2 Comment(s) to 'Back to School'

BECKICKLESIE,  Lancashire,  Tuesday, August 24, 2010
I LOVE Kit's bag! I want one for myself.

It must be horrible sending your little 'un off to school for the very first time. My little boy only turned two in April and it makes me gulp to think how fast that has gone. He'll be off to school before I know it.

You've hit the nail on the head really. Children can be really hard work, but as soon as they're not there you miss them like nothing else.

I look forward to hearing about how she gets on xx
SLK,  House of Kit Kat,  Tuesday, August 24, 2010
I still remember how I cried all the way home when I left Kat at nursery for the first time - it was so hard but then you gradually (YES!) learn to appreciate it.

I didn't learn this second time either, though, and made a big fuss on Kit's first day of nursery and will surely do so on first day of school too!!

Good luck with your little one - they do grow so quickly, don't they?

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