Kit for Kat!

Posted By SLK on Thursday, September 30, 2010   { 0 Comment(s) }
I have not been hibernating – school life with two kids has simply been too overwhelming. Right, there is no other way to put it - OVERWHELMED. I have just been here doing nothing outside the ordinary and Kit Kat have hopped from one activity to the other at school, Kit has learnt some amazing skills in her brand new class, there is no much energy in our house after school hours that I am simply basking in its love during the day…before more rushes in after school! I simply cannot keep up with their schedules during school hours and outside along with mine and am learning new skills I never knew I had!

Although dealing with Kat is always a pleasure as she’s that age where you can communicate like a friend and there is always a humour that is appreciated. It can also be a bit of ‘hitting your head against the wall’ situation when everything you say generates “I don’t care’ answer which drives me up the wall most days. Other days, I don’t care either...and then we make up and sorry etc – we’re ok – Kat is a nice girl just with her bad and good days – we both are learning and are working on finding the best way to communicate with each other! The good news (apart from that her hair is growing!) is that Kat is loving 5th grade so study/teacher wise she’s very happy for now which means a major precipitating fight factor is out of the way (phew!)

My Super STAR Kit has been a super duper STAR in school. She is having an unbelievable time. She is coming home with endless stories (dominated with detailed lunch menus) of the day, her teachers, her friends. She is slowly learning the art of best friends, sharing friends, not hurting feelings etc. It is such a joy to see her mouth phrases like “its ok if I play with her too? One person can have 2 friends, right?” or “she is my best friend but I play with xyz too.”

Of course, the highlight of the day is the round trip on the school bus – she is happy to be just like Kat!

Sparkles on the wall Kit is learning to do (and even remembers to say!) collage and by the way we now have beaded necklaces hanging from almost every doorknob in the house...and she continues to make them every day! I get some work of art from school daily which we proudly hang all over the walls...

The next week at both their schools is so busy – we have Meet the Faculty evenings at different days and then there is an interesting Pajama Party at Kit’s school! We have to dress up in our Pajamas and go to Kit’s school and listen to stories and have cookies – siblings not allowed so Kat is not very happy (understandably)...

I better make sure I put the dates in the right order and don’t walk up to Kat’s school on Meet the Faculty evening in PJs, soft toy and slippers – so much for being overwhelmed…lets get cracking on getting this calendar and head right!

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